🇨🇾 🇷🇺 Cyprus ‘golden passports’ bring Russians into the EU l Al Jazeera English

🇨🇾 🇷🇺 Cyprus ‘golden passports’ bring Russians into the EU l Al Jazeera English

The EU has warned that the “golden passports” being given by Cyprus to wealthy Russian oligarchs will allow organised crime to infiltrate the bloc.
Even some established Russian businessmen on the island are concerned, worrying that the new oligarchs do not live in Cyprus and the properties that they are purchasing will become a ghost town.
Pressure from the European Commission may bring an end to the “golden passports”, but for now, the marina in Limassol is rapidly filling with luxury yachts.
Al Jazeera’s David Chater reports from Limassol.

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  2. there are so many rich russians that move and actually invest in the local community it's a pity if it's just a short term money-making scheme, you don't get anything out of it in the long term and when that money goes away it will be hard.


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