🇸🇾The Cat Man of Aleppo | Al Jazeera English

🇸🇾The Cat Man of Aleppo | Al Jazeera English

Jaleel has a special place in his heart
…for the cats of his city.

When the war in Syria began in 2011
…Jaleel was determined to save their lives.

He established a shelter
…where he fed 170 cats daily.

But after the 2016 attack on Aleppo
…Jaleel managed to smuggle 22 cats
…out of his shelter in plastic bags.

Mohammed Alaa al-Jaleel, Founder of the Sanctuary:
“When we arrived east of Aleppo, we created the sanctuary and started gathering the cats that we had sent to families. We only found 18 again, who were with us in Aleppo, we brought them here to the sanctuary.”

After fleeing Aleppo, Jaleel set up his second shelter
…housing 18 of the 22 smuggled cats
…and providing medical support for them.

Mohammed Alaa al-Jaleel, Founder of the sanctuary:
“I live in a country where there is a war. I founded the first sanctuary in Syria. It’s a big story in the West, to show that we are a good people, peaceful, with good hearts.”

Jaleel and his cats are still not completely safe.
The war has killed more than 400,000 people (source: Human Rights Watch)
…displacing almost half of the country’s population.

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  1. This is what people in the West need to see. There are good people everywhere despite what you may hear and see in the media or elsewhere. This man has a heart of gold. He has sacrificed so much in order to give these cats a better life. These are the real heroes that you rarely hear about. Thank you, Jaleel.

  2. Its not only in this vedio i saw the good hearts of syrian ppl,,,bt whoever surfers most in dis world by nature z ppl wid best hearts,,de men who r destroying dat poor inosents indeed they r devils agents nd de devil shall never find peace of mind am sure dis syrians surfring dis much myt even have more peaceful minds dan dos traitors behind their surferings!!..peace nd success will come soon syria lots of love 4 uu from all hu can see beyond media!!

  3. The West does not care about good and caring people, all that matters are natural resources and whether you can stop them from taking those natural resources.

  4. I too love cats. I have 2 cats both of them has 3 kittens. When the war waa started i thought that what were happen to cats and animals around the country. But this guy given me rest of thinking these things. I really appreciate you Jaleel.

  5. Its amazing for me to see all the good well wishes and comments from the good people here, i thought no one would care or watch this….how wrong i am…


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