🇾🇪 Yemen war: Sanaa air raids victims slam Saudi-UAE coalition | Al Jazeera English

🇾🇪 Yemen war: Sanaa air raids victims slam Saudi-UAE coalition | Al Jazeera English

In Yemen, survivors of a Saudi-UAE-led coalition air raid say they have no idea why their neighbourhood in the capital Sanaa was attacked.
The attack on the capital killed at least six people and wounded dozens more.
The coalition says it is investigating what it calls the “possibility of an accidental air strike” as it says it launched precision attacks on Houthi military positions in the capital Sanaa.
But for those who survived the attack, it offers very little comfort.

Al Jazeera’s Sara Khairat reports.

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  1. Saudi Arabia should fear an azaab from ALLAH for violating the Quranic laws of human dignity and supremacy of ALLAH. What kind of Wahabism is this which claims to stick to the divine Quranic teaching, yet bombard the innocent humans and especially those humans who are the followers and people of ALLAH. Please let humanity live !

  2. As a Saudi borned bengali, the only country birth place of Islam is going against the rules and laws of Holy book for half a decade. The King and his families will pay for their actions and misdeeds someday sooner or later…

  3. OK guys, We all hate Saudi Arabia and know what type of animal MBS is. But on the other hand, you always have to remind yourself of Qatari and Al-Jazeeras agenda against Saudi's and other countries.

    This channel was only created to generate hate against other countries that the Qatari's want to see toppled, through their "Media Brain Washing!"

    This type of air-raids and worse than this happens everyday in Syria. But you don't see Al-Jazeera reporting directly from Syria and its hospitals right?

    In this case, they were ZERO deaths, yet you see Al-Jazeera in Houthi Rebel hold hospitals with full access. Its only because Al-Jazeera is the ONLY TV-Network allowed in cities controlled by Houthi Rebels.

    Just think for yourself why?

  4. How ironic it is that the one person who is responsible for mass murder is the same who is given responsibility of the protecting the masses.

  5. houthis are shamless iranian terrorists hiding behind civilians using them as shield bombing them and blaming in false flag attack other factions these iranian coward slaves must be wiped out death to iran and houthis

  6. بقدر صعوبة المشهد و وضع اليمنين ولاكن التصعب هو إتهام الامارات بهذا الفعل الشنيع
    يجب علي اليمن و اليمنين في التركيز من هو عدوهم الرئيسي
    يجب ان يكونوا علي يقين بأن الامارات تسعي السلام في اليمن

  7. These are lies, SaudiArabia and UAE are fighting the houthi militias which get support from Iran,and don't cannot approach the citizens because they are brothers👌✋


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