📌 New VİDEO 🎥: 🇮🇷🇪🇺 Iran looks to Europe as US reimposes sanctions | Al Jazeera English

📌 New VİDEO 🎥: 🇮🇷🇪🇺 Iran looks to Europe as US reimposes sanctions | Al Jazeera English

The European Union has come up with a mechanism to facilitate payments for exports from Iran and offset the effects of US sanctions, reimposed on Monday.
But some experts warn it may not be enough to persuade large companies to continue operating in Iran.

Al Jazeera’s Natacha Butler reports from Paris.

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  1. IRANIAN REGIME 100 % to blame…They waste aid money by funding terrorists around the world. Then there are the Corrupt and Evil Mullahs who oppress their own people and enrich themselves. These are not holy men, they do evil and God will judge them for their deeds…

  2. If it's related to moeny, Iran don't represent a high value to Europe if yiu just see how USA commercial deals much important to Europe. Iran has less than 5% of what Europe countries have in USA as commercial benifes. The relationship between Europe and Iran is not financial relationship, it's big project in middle East to replace power and control anergy

  3. Iran is so strong that determines everything in the region.
    Ghazafi is gone because he was not with Iran, saddam is gone because he was not with Iran, mubarak is gone because he was not with Iran, mansour hadi president of yemen is gone because he was not with Iran, Ali Abdullah saleh from Yemen is gone because he betray Iran, alhoosi from yemen survive the worldwar against them because they are with Iran alassad stay because he is with Iran, al the world against hezbullah and Iraq’s Shia militias but they stay because they are with Iran so Iran manage everythings and dont forget Iran has defeated world once during 8 years war with Iraq when whole world supported Iraq with weapons and money and gemic weapon and even Union of Soviet supported Iraq and now Iran is stronger and stronger and has Europa and Russia not in the wrong side

  4. The junior intellectualism represented by Tom Cotton et al is the evidence of America's moral bankruptcy. Leaving the obvious aside. Mexico becomes a strategic piece of real estate that can be strawman-owned. China and Russia had more medical investment in Mexico in the 1980s than USA did at that time. A.O. Hirschman's central American investments to acquire title to the Panama Canal can just as easily be reneged as the Iran deal was.

  5. United States is the biggest bully among all bully in the world. One must not listen to this lunatic state if it wants some respect in international scene. China and Russia understood this and able to resist it, while western Europe countries are beginning to grow some balls with regards to Iran deal standings.

  6. Iran should stay inside its borders and spend its money on its own people instead of spreading hate and murder all over the Arab world. The Iranian government should know that life is beautiful and there are a lot of things that they can enjoy instead of killing Arabs!

  7. If US thinks it can dictate to the world it has made a mistake. The world will simply disregard the US. Please note that Drump has created a lot of fantasies, not truths. Troops at the border, none, just words from a liar. Deport birthright American citizens, another lie, 10% tax cut for middle class, another lie, retain pre-existing conditions- that from people who have tried their best and voted against it for years-enormous hypocritical lie! Terrorists in caravan, lower drug prices, addiction treatment program- all lies. Congress is not in session. None of this will be done. The reality show host desperate to retain his ability to serve the plutocrats. Cut to empty store shelves, no lines for gas because there is no gas, no electricity, Martial law. Look at what has already happened all over the world. You won't believe what is going to happen to you if this charade continues beyond any hope of retrieving a democratic government.

  8. Ghater has become mouth pieces of Mullah's; regime change will come soon ;). EU is too dependent of US economy, they will sell Iran in a heart beat, just like russia did, watch and learn. Money for Mullha's terrorism will dry up soon.

  9. Each and every day the terrorist Islamic republic of Iran(The first Daesh in the world) kills at least one Khashoqci in Iran and EU as well as Al-Jazeera want save this criminals.

  10. The Revolutionary Guard regularly rape female protestors, they
    consider it a perk of their job.

    This is the true face of Iran.
    Iran is a totalitarian Islamofascist state.
    There is no independent judiciary, no independent police force,
    if you are arrested they can do what they want with you.


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