? New VİDEO ?: ?? Pakistan IMF deal: Rupee to be devalued against dollar | Al Jazeera English

? New VİDEO ?: ?? Pakistan IMF deal: Rupee to be devalued against dollar | Al Jazeera English

Pakistan has agreed on a deal with the International Monetary Fund to receive a $6 billion loan.
But under its terms, its currency will have to be devalued against the dollar, and electricity and gas prices will increase.
That is likely to prove unpopular.

Al Jazeera’s Kamal Hyder reports from Islamabad.

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  1. Every penny from IMF is poison pill designed to make the developing countries poorer. Imran Khan is a wise leader but he should have avoided this deal at all costs. Pakistan is already swimming deep in debt.

  2. Pakistan needs alot more money than 6billion. It's army sucking every rupee to fight 3 wars at the same time, word of war with India, war with Bloch and war with pashtoon. I think all the borrowing won't help ordinary pakis that's a simple fact

  3. Pakistan new gov't tired to look at other sources frist ,because pmln, nawaz ,and his pmln, Darr did voodoo economics, left empty treasury due to his curruption,Darr is the master mind of fake accounts, now hiding in London with all the curtupt family of pmln nawaz. Thus, the last choice IMF,one good hope for Pakistan ,is the new PM IK is an honest ,strong leader ,who will not do curruption to build his own wealth like shameless nawaz and zarradari and their mafia family. Plus,,Pakistan prices are still lower then India ,but unlike India ,Pakistan has a pmln media cell ,that are spreading economic hysteria aganist their own country. Talk about no respect for your own country!

  4. It's the IMF that destroyed all countries including Pakistan and these leaders still go to them for economic recoveries? The devil the jew and the white… these council of 3 are the enemies of humanity. You can be the most hard working smart nation but cannot succeed unless they want you to, destroy the current Jewish monetary system and you may exit this slavery, until then enjoy the slavery.

  5. Pakistan, rename yourself to Kashkolstan (for the English audience kashkolstan = begging bowl stan) for future endeavors.

    Edit: this is Pakistan 22nd bailout package by the IMF, they already have been receiving grants and alms from the US, EU, Saudi, UAE, China and Me for the past 70 years.

  6. Soon india will be like this . As BJP is selling the countries resources to AMBANI FAMILY.

    The biggest achievement to be born in SOUTH ASIA ( India , Pakistan, bangladesh, nepal, Sri Lanka ) is to leave it.

  7. Pakistan, you are almost check mated. It's your boast, self denials and unjust acts executed on your Bangladeshi brothers n sisters. Beg pardon to them as a nation and seek refugee to Allah SWT.

  8. They had money to fight a war with India for 7 days. That just got reduced to 4. Go on, a few more missile tests should reduce that further and we can then believe you want "peace".

  9. Pakistan busy buying defense equipment from West in place of essential capital good.
    Now they take loan from west and pay interest almost half of their budget.

    All this on their perceived threat of India. This threat is created by army.

    It means a group of people ( army) manufactured hate and threat to justify their loot.

  10. The deal with the IMF was necessary and austerity measures were expected. IK did his best to not go over to the imf but he had no choice. Time to fix the problems. Biased Al Jazeera.

  11. IMF and World Bank are the economic weapons of the US as per the US military Manual leaked by wikileaks. Rest assured, when the dollar dies, no one will come to rescue of the economic bullies.

  12. Look Indians comments in Comment Section, Their own Country is facing Worst Unemployment Rate in Past 45 Years, Farmers are committing Sucide due Poverty, Shupa Power India is facing increase in Poverty then before. Rape crimes have increased. Their is serious unequality in their own country. And, Here they are talking against Pakistan.

  13. Pakistan should invest more on Human Capital and ICT sector than defence and unnecessary wastage of budget. By taking loan the scenario will become more worse. The whole nations will hv to bear the loan. A well wishers from Bangladesh. ??

  14. Imran khan is not bad person .. pak needed a face and they chose imrans selfless leaders face however what is already been done cannot be outdone in few years plus USA rwally controls them from inside plus paid employee of china govt then comes saudi oil money terrorist . Whom to blame.. they were destined to doom.. no country with enemy neighbourhood cease to progress.. then they psend all the money for isi and terrorist with no basic facilities

  15. Pakistan is a results of a failed System. And a failed Adoption of jinah. World is running for 5G and pakistani need Electricity. I don't blame ppl who live in this Country but to the ppl Who destroyed the Country. And that happend in 1947.

  16. Stop harbouring terrorists. First change to be made is in retaking the states from the isi and handing it over to the people. Shift from being a ? republic to real republic will help.

  17. People are forgetting that Imran Khan has only been prime minister less than a year, and they're already expecting so much. Plus this nation has 70 years of corruption by previous governments, this cannot be fixed in 9 months!

  18. India,Pakistan,Afghanistan open door's to tourism , maybe beat Swissland tourism !!! People get job and goodlife think it ! Grab politics and associates business tycoon can't build any country problem solve ! They want business arm deal ! They want violence , they use terrorist and people foolish every time ? Tourism can solve problems !!!!!!

  19. Mr. Imran khan your economists and cabinet ministers have nothing but a passing acquaintance with the Quran.

    They don't know the importance of prohibition of riba in the Quran.

    You will never be able to solve the economic wors

  20. Our great prime minister imran khan has a habit of taking u turns thats the only reason pakistan is in disastrous state right now. He made false promises before elections like every other politician now he cant back it up. His only goal was to become pm thats it. He has surrendered everything to IMF including governership of state bank.

  21. Imran Khan is a full fledge homeless idiot, He doesnt care about the Pakistani people. The level of low to go to beg for $6 billion which even some business men in other lands have.

    You should have continued milking America with the war on terror. They were giving Pakistan 35 billion dollars. America has a petrodollar system meaning unlimited amounts of money to print. The Punjabi thieves were able to milk Americas money the right way. This low level play boy Imran is a stupid business man and has no politician mind. He should go back to playing sports and chasing European women instead of running a land.

    Also another fact is we should turn Pakistan into a manufacturing hub for everything.

    The urdu speaking and business minded people should run Pakistan. Get these feudal minded Punjabi retarded villagers out of power now.

  22. Pakistan me vi ab…. 1000rs me ek cup chay milega…. BC gye tumlog ab Arab sagar me arabi bante bante…. Aur apne abbu se panga leke… Avi to trailer h film avi baki h

  23. The only defense against corrupt leaders is to stand up to them. But that is more easily said than done. We saw imran Khan standup Against corrupt politicians in Pakistan it took him 22 years to become primeminister very hard work for 22 years We are seeing that played out on the various revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa. Sadly, it takes thousands of people taking heroic action, to say "enough is enough," and they risk their lives and their families' lives in doing so. People of Pakistan must support their honest leader.


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