? New VİDEO ?: 10 WORST January Transfers Ever!

? New VİDEO ?: 10 WORST January Transfers Ever!

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It’s the most panic driven transfer window so of course we’re going to get a few stinkers!


  1. 10: YES; fun fact, they could have signed Dybala instead????????????
    9: Patrick van Shithead must have wrote this out of his pathetic Man United despise. Mata might not have hit his Chelsea heights, but to put him on a list with Bony, Evra, Carroll and Torres is preposterous
    8: no idea but probably true
    7: Mina wasn't good, but didn't play enough and Barca sold him for 30m (how did Everton fall for that)
    6: see 8
    5: see 6
    4: 100% yes (sadly). For a second, I thought they were meaning his United transfer (one of the best deals in January) and I was going to report this channel for that?????
    3: yes
    2: see 5
    1: indisputably yes. Nothing will beat this. It's up for debate which one was worse????

  2. Juan Mata is a pick i disagree with and im not even a man united fan. Just cause he wasnt as good as he was at chelsea doesnt mean he wasnt a bad signing ??? theres a difference uno

  3. Actually how mata make this list tbh? He was doing fine in United and maybe their best signing after fergie era. In Moyes era he not had a business about that, united was just scrambling and in mou era we know that he just getting abuse by his manager even before he come to united. Mata was just the most unluckiest player ever to wasting his prime meet with the manager that didn't trust him at all aka mourinho not once but twice. And sanchez was more deserve on this list than him tbh since sanchez technically was doing nothing so far at united with that wages and fee

  4. Mata???? Are ye taking the piss? Has been one of the most consistent players post Sir Alex and despite not playing every week always plays a huge role in the team when he does.

    Ridiculous to have him on this list.

  5. I’m sorry FD but you’re completely delusional to think that Jaun Mata should be on this list. He’s been a game changer for United on more occasions that I can count. He’s been one of our most consistent players in the past 5 years and he’s been a magician whenever he’s played. Definitely doesn’t deserve to be on the list. Don’t usually like disagreeing with you lot, but whoever wrote this needs a talking to

  6. 10. Bony was never good enough for City. Regressed since.
    9. You must be high. Yes he wasn't been his best however still a good player.
    8. Never heard of him.
    7. Never played for them. Doing well for Everton.
    6. First Barcelona now Icardi. Poor bastard.
    5. Failed in London but a Orlando Pirates legend. #DoubleTreble.
    4. Never recovered since the kung fu kick.
    3. Never a Atletico player.
    2. Who
    1. Both of them failed big time. Carroll is injury prone and Torres completely broke since that miss against Manchester United.

  7. why mata? he's been really good for us. scored some vital goals, including that goal vs Liverpool, which already makes him a top signing. this idiot is clueless.

  8. Torres' first year with Chelsea would've been considered respectable had he not been Torres. Didn't live up to the hype but was in the double figures with assists and really fucked up Barca in the CL semis.


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