📌 New VİDEO 🎥: Best of Joel Embiid | 2018 NBA Season

📌 New VİDEO 🎥: Best of Joel Embiid | 2018 NBA Season

Check out the best highlights from Joel Embiid during the 2017-2018 NBA season.

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  1. Whack as fuck.
    The NBA is especially rigged for guys like Embiid.
    Other Centers really have no problem with him but the executive scumbags make it so Embiid looks way better.
    The Not Basketball Association

  2. Philly better hire the best training staff to keep Embiid healthy. He's got it all for a bigman, handles, jumpshot, strength, size, post, finesse, passing, ball iq, and marketable personality and likable. Complete package franchise player. Him, Simmons, they just need more 3 and D wings and hustle playmakers to knockoff Celtics or wizards.


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