📌 New VİDEO 🎥: ‘It was like a dream’: Trans advocate Jazz Jennings on gender confirmation surgery

📌 New VİDEO 🎥: ‘It was like a dream’: Trans advocate Jazz Jennings on gender confirmation surgery

The star of TLC’s “I Am Jazz” began her transition at the age of five and is now 18 and in her senior year of high school.


  1. Shit fuck you I ain't using birth control yet I would never give uncut hair to Christian I am honestly a which I leave my hair short and spiky and black so whatever. So whatever I ain't donating I most likely will have 10 babies maybe 12.

  2. I am actually not giving opposed to Birth Control to the Baptist or long hair to any Christian sect, I am giving opposed to birth control to the Witches the one's who prompt women as of value and lift women up and don't tear them down as less than men view pregnancy and periods positive not a time of suffering but a way to liberate women and support women's rights. Your free to wear your hair long and I ain't know what will do when I am pregnant to cover up or how far the cross dress and back and forth shifts between cross dress and very feminine will go with me does that mean I am queer? I ain't know what queer means.

  3. Jazz I think I just have High Functioning Autism anyhow whatever. Anyway I do want to grow my hair long and cut it once a year like Witches do than I want it made into a wig and donated to Jewish women for a headcovering it usually what married women do, yet I care for you to get married and i am praying that God brings someone into your life. I do hope you will accept one of my wigs at a point in time you ain't have to wear them all the time yet at times even if you are not married you still Jewish and can prepare. My hair won't be as long as yours the wig won't be it will be black and it may be unhealthy hair but I am sure they will cut it an do it for me so long as I pay for that. I do not want to encourage women to do or live differently with this seeing what I do I hope they accept it graciously from my hands to honor God on their own end i am a Christian as well as Witch, and i say to the Jew be it first.

  4. I care when I am able to start buying wigs keeping them in the wrapper this time instead of buying them for myself also contributing and having my own wig made I also care to buy headcoverings for Jewish women i also hope to learn to make my own headcoverings for Jewish women. i care to have an organization that donates headcoverings of all kinds to Jewish women and those of other religions that support headcoverings for women.

  5. Jazz I hate to take pride or self endue to myself on the whole mater. But i did write President Obama number or letters about my faith in Jesus and a witness to him and other politic beliefs I had. In one letter I wrote a letter that I did truly believe same-sex marriage should be made legal this was before it was legalized about 2 years prior I think the letter was fairly long and I don't remember all that I said.

  6. I do believe in hope beyond hell, meaning hell purpose is to rehabilitate sinners than bring them to heaven. Yet sadly all many Christians are for today is judging and condemning people to hell, well they lift themselves up as heaven bond righteous souls.

  7. Jazz I am pretty sure you have no problem with the religious right or far right they have a problem with you sure have your own beliefs but under the law consider a free society that allows for all viewpoints. i was pretty much not for gay and lesbians or bi-sexual at the time i thought it was in yet i still thought they should have a right to marry and that is the proper attitude I also thought who gives a fuck who uses what bathroom yet whatever. Sure have your views that is sin or not sin but legally allow for diversity of beliefs and don't force yours on every. Obviously robbery and murder interfere with others freed, abortion sucks but we need legal abortion for a safe society so whatever.

  8. Jazz I mean no I do think Gay/Lesbain/BI/Transgender/Queer if you will are wrong. I do think what you did is wrong but what are you supposed to do now you can't go back your family was wrong for engaging in this with you. I think you should mourn over what you did as should your family and time as you realize your mistake and sin come forward and confess it and just say unfortionality you screwed you body over and going back will not work and just continue with the hormones I think and other things I mean people may do it because of you and think you are lying and not serious and not understand that they should not but that should be your honest push that they should not do it. You should honestly try to prevent others from going down the path that you went down, you can't turn from it now in true sense of the term but you can repent. I honestly think you should not marry and adopt children or a child and teach them good morals and ethics and never do this with them or encourage anyone to go down your road, but offer grace and love.

  9. I care most about ethics and morals and I ain't even know what I do with Wicca but I leave it up on facebook for many reasons I have tarot cards, and a crystal ball and wand on the way, most who would condemn me for it have read harry potter. I ain't care to compare it to your situation I think even if God was not real what you did would have been wrong but everyone is entitled to their opinion I mainly for ethics and morals. Unfortionally what you did in hopes of making the world a better place i feel was very misplaced and wrong. I ain't debating it out with people most Christians are very wrong I mostly care to be loving moral and ethical I am not even sure if I do believe Jesus is God but I exercise faith in him by praying and other things. i am not convinced or fully certain of the afterlife. i try to learn from all religions and Wicca is one of them no i don't get into Satanism for many reasons but the others I do. I believe all religions have some truth in them. I do think ethics and morals and spirituality matter most. I do feel what you did was unethical and immoral. I feel there is such a thing as good Witch and I feel that is what i am if I am one but I am also a Christian , Witches do believe in reincarination and mediation so I just stick to it and confess two in many ways and learn from them all.

  10. Jazz I think i honestly have nothing in the DSM but psych medication helps me just like many find caffeine helpful if view it the same. I ain't think I am even Bipolar and I ain't think I have an ASD or Schizod Personality, or any eating disorder or anything other. I also think nothing is genetic not hair color or even height or eye color it is what happens early on or later on that changes things i ain't care for debate hair length is not genetic yet i won't get fully into it.

  11. Jazz you ain't need to more about being trans whatever. I think a lot of the Bible don't make any sense at all and it is a lot parables and just stories to inspire us to be loving and more ethical. I do believe in the afterlife and that is good, and just love matters most but I think nearly diversity is high up on the scale of things that matter. The world would suck if there where no LGBTQ's in it. I ain't care to get into it with people. I do care to weigh 80 pounds and I am 5'2 I care to act and look as 12 as possible. I care to be 12 for life yet be a very mature and wise 12 year old. I do not care for make-up but I care for hair dye and nails done and a hair cut. I ain't donating for wigs for many reasons I am keeping my hair short and spikey and black. I pray that you have faith in the afterlife your book said that you get depressed at times and wonder what the point is partly because we all die, I pray that you have hope in Heaven that you are going and it will be wonderful for you.

  12. This is only the beginning….. There is a definite need to be in the spotlight. This is so sad and the parents have been sucked in and now have become the drivers. The rest of the family has taken a back seat and it's TRANSEXUAL Every Day Every Way. Such a platform ! At the expense of Evryone a nd Everything. It's All Consuming and Jazz doesn't seem to be aware that there is a whole world out there and it Doesn't revolve around your newly acquired vagina!

  13. i heard the hormone blockers at an early age meant not enough penis to make into a "vagina". jazz will never look down & think "it looks & works nothing like an actual womans genitals" & be forced eventually to realize that one may not have killed oneself if they didnt go through with the irreversable surgery. (as long as its functional & one can have sex is all that matters to jazz… just like a young stud!!!)

  14. Transexual. Trans= transformation, put you in a trans, pretender, under a spell. A spell of sexual perversion. He will regret it soon. And the media will be right there to cover it. Doctors wont save you from what the universe gives you.

  15. For this reason God delivered them over to disgraceful passions. Their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. The men in the same way also left natural relations with women and were inflamed in their lust for one another. Men committed shameless acts with men and received in their own persons the appropriate penalty of their error. And because they did not think it worthwhile to acknowledge God, God delivered them over to a corrupt mind so that they do what is not right. They are filled with all unrighteousness, evil, greed, and wickedness. They are full of envy, murder, quarrels, deceit, and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, arrogant, proud, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, senseless, untrustworthy, unloving, and unmerciful. Although they know God’s just sentence — that those who practice such things deserve to die  — they not only do them, but even applaud others who practice them.

    Romans 1:26‭-‬32 CSB

  16. so Jazz has a food addiction because it gives her comfort or so she says in this interview. hmmmm comfort from what? Jazz has been allowed to live as a girl all her life so it cant be that. internal conflict maybe. sounds like she has psychological issues she needs to tend to.

  17. Anxiety and depression she had which she used food to cope with which caused her weight and eating issues.
    She can't have kids and let's not forget without all those hormones she will very back to a he (except the penis)

  18. This is wrong on so many levels… everyone involved over the last decade since it's for a little girl thought that she might B the wrong sex should be in prison because this is know a girl is a little boy. I can't help but feel sorry for him. Fame Glamour and Fortune is not going to compare to a eternity in hell. Have his child allowed to be the sex that he was born to be I'm pretty sure his life will be just fine. You may not have all the riches and the Glamour and fame but his soul would be intact and Jesus would know him. His parents are most likely witches, no doubt though that they are sell outs and this child was their sacrifice. May God have mercy on this poor child soul. I wish this child blessings and that this child may find Jesus Christ and be saved.

  19. For me this is not an exemple,, this is mk ultra TV show midway forward by Hollywood, ,the most famous in Hollywood are trangenders, how many little boy followed jazz and took the decision return the girl,, open your eyes it s mk ultra.. Is not programme TV for young people, this is mk ultra.. Sorry my English I m French and I m not homophobe…

  20. The way he tries to gently twist subtle things, like 'Being Assigned Male At Gender' instead of "Being Born",and changing Gender Re-Assignment Surgery, to "Gender Confirmation Surgery'. Anyone can tell what sex you are when you're born and anyone can confirm it at a glance. Changing "Transexual" to "Transgender" to make it more palatable and kid friendly.
    This is a dangerous ideology that's getting way out of hand and being drummed into fragile, impressionable young minds.

  21. Amazing what her mother said for her reasoning of embracing her.As a father.Id do the same.Shes a nice looking girl.To all you ppl that judge.Especially the christian ones.Shame on you.Jesus said,"to whomever is without sin should cast the first stone".Dont point ur finger when ur home is in disarray.Or did you miss that study?

  22. And dont listen to these baby christians.They forgot alot of the bible.God doesnt hate you.I live in sin daily.I think bad thoughts daily.Im sure ill go to hell before u do.N i believe in Jesus.But i sin daily.Every waking moment.

  23. Why does this keep coming up? Of she was never a boy ? She could have just fixed her issue without saying anything. Leave it alone . also, because she had an issue, does that mean she HAS TO GO TO DRAG CLUBS AT 16? Come on man


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