? New VİDEO ?: James Harden Drops 61 TWICE This Season

? New VİDEO ?: James Harden Drops 61 TWICE This Season

James Harden recorded a career-high 61 points twice this season. On 1/23/19 against the New York Knicks and 3/22/19 against the San Antonio Spurs. The last player to record 60 points twice in a season was Kobe Bryant in the 2006-2007 season.

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  1. Don't let this video distract you from the fact that James Harden will NEVER win a NBA CHAMPIONSHIP, but his fans don't care about that and they only care about him just making it to the playoffs as long as he does something flashy along the way.

  2. How Harden creates space: when he steps back, he moves his feet up front again when he is going to shoot the ball. Defenders will not expect that, so they have to use their hand. At from there, refs will think it’s a foul.

  3. 61 points off of 55% from the Field Goal and 69% (9/13) from 3 Point Line. Only 3 turnovers but, made up for it by making 3 steals. Outside of CP3, the rest of team had a off shooting night. Harden did what any MVP would do in that situation, he willed them to a win.


    61 likes for 61 point harden comment? Wow!


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