? New VİDEO ?: Stephen Curry’s AMAZING Top 30 Plays!!!

? New VİDEO ?: Stephen Curry’s AMAZING Top 30 Plays!!!

To celebrate Stephen Curry’s 30th birthday, check out his top 30 plays of his career!

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  1. 実力は本物で バスケがめっちゃ好きだって事と、努力し続けた結果だけど、

    こんなに楽しそうに バスケが好きだって分かる、観てる人をバスケ好きにしてくれる選手はなかなかいない。


  2. The man who makes me love watching basketball game ?.
    They are right! You got something special. Your skills and talent was so amazing, their is always a new moves and you never stop surprising your fans❤️. I love you steph?

  3. oh my what did he do to the number 27 at the 7:29 mark. the dude was in no man's land spinning around like a dog chasing his tail. Announcer said that's why he never leaves the paint. I couldn't stop laughing.

  4. Meanwhile back at his 500 million dollar Manson Ayesha curry says to herself I need more male attention I'm just not satisfied …. wake up men take the red pill pump em and dump em ???


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