? New VİDEO ?: What happened to Dubai’s Princess Latifa? – BBC News

? New VİDEO ?: What happened to Dubai’s Princess Latifa?  – BBC News

Sheikha Latifa, the daughter of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has not been seen since March 2018.

It’s claimed she was snatched while trying to escape the country with the help of a former French spy and a Finnish martial arts instructor.

Gabriel Gatehouse investigates.

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  1. for the people who haven't watched the long version, she tried escaping before at the age of 16 but she was caught and put in prison for 3 years where she was constantly tortured. She has 30 siblings, one of her sisters is locked up in a cabin in the palace they live because she is 'naughty'. Her older sister Shamsa al maktoup tried escaping in 2000 but was caught and since then she is drugged up and is with nurses 24/7. I don't even want to imagine what Latifa is going through right now because if she was tortured for 3 years when she was only 16, it is unbearable to think what they are doing to her right now. Latifa wanted to escape for her own freedom but also to help Shamsa. May Allah protect her.

  2. Yeah but guys did we need to blow everything up and rape the babies and all that nonsense. I know I am the dajjal and all and I lack credibility, but while you heroes are out there blowing up the world one step at a time, some of us just would like to sit down and read a book…evilly, but quietly.

  3. And guys If I'm the dajjal that means maybe you all needed to rape the babies, and that is something I just cannot believe. No I dont want to have sex or get married or anything I'm the dajjal read the book, dont rape me now, everybody else, just not me.

  4. Oh I have met some of you all, doing all kinds of nonsense screaming racial insults blowing stuff up, and I know Allah WANTED you all to do all that, but again I am the dajjal, so I think I will just stick with being EVIL okay. I'm going to go sit down and relax, maybe Evilly read a nice story or something…evilly listen to some music…evilly eat a ham sandwich.

  5. I understand that she wanted to help her sister by running away and sick asylum. However that idea was never going to work with a father like hers. To win your enemy you have to study them, win their trust make them belive you are a supporter!Then strike once you have been well equipped! To all the women like her who are trying to escape if you're reading this comment!please be smart about it, what she did was not smart at all n was never going to work especially with a poor spy like the one she hired n a friend who did not advice her better!how can you publish this knowingly her father is a ruthless killer? Why did they even allow her to stay on the boat even after noticing boat were following them? Plus as a friend why did you allow her to use her phone? I really hope there was a twist to the story where the kidnapping was fake n that she is safe and hiding. If she was caught omg its the worst nightmare this video has alot of raw info that no father would ever want to hear their daughter talk about them like this. Girl you f@cked up big time!

  6. i have travell many year to Dubai in the 70 , 80 and 90 , then a lot off this have changed . the world is a big place and a copy off europe , but still like there idea's , but remember as a woman never go out there without your bodyguards. and every app we use have jobs for
    thousands of people, my trips have been completely changed by the mobile phone , track and trace world. i never travell with my smart.

  7. It is a lie she is not the daughter of the sheikh mohammed and I am from the UAE and this is a lie she is behind an organization that wants to cheat, I heard of Dubai and was arrested and her you are speaking about things is you dont know about it??!

  8. For everyone coming at uae first of all shame on u cuz u don’t take Donald trump seriously u just come at Muslims have some respect cuz i swear god is the only judger god can judge anyone so shut up

  9. for all people complaing about india, india had its own intrests to protect. Around the same time as this happend uae agreed to extradiate some of the terrosist and indias arch rival dawoods men to india. Also we have many trade and energy deals with them. Thats how the way world works sadly national intrest trumps human rights

  10. Oh no – They showed her with a woman (They told the woman she had emotional problems which is probably what they said to her so she wouldn't talk to her much) from another country who was visiting. She looked drugged and kind of out of it. I am sure they are controlling her mind just as they control women's bodies. What a horrible country. Please – No one should go there. Look how they treat their own relatives. If they can do that, what do you think they can do to you, someone they don't even know with different value of life than they have. I do not trust any of them. So sorry for her. She will never be free or have peace now. And what about her sister. No one sees either either and even if they did she would be medicated, etc. No personal freedoms. Also, when you are that rich you can get by with anything. This is definitely a God-forsaken country. The men there hide behind their religion. I don't know how other countries and go there and not feel the secrets that country has. If I was Queen Elizabeth, President of the US or any other country I definitely would not visit them when they have horse racing, etc. I am sure they will get theirs when they finally meet God. — Poor Latifa! She looked great when she was on the ship but not later.

  11. I have just one thing to say… Most of the Islamic countries are a nightmare for women… And the reality is they are accepting it as a culture… Come on man, woman is the one who give birth to you… instead of being thankful to them, you guys are doing such cruel things with them… They are forced to wear Hijab or burqa even if they don't want to… They have to take permissions from the male members even for small small tasks… Is this what you call freedom?
    More or less each Islamic country is like that… Be it Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and now UAE… I think either the problem is in Islamic followers or in those idiots who teach wrong things just in the name of Islam (you can call them Mulla)… i cannot accept at all that Prophet Muhammad told them to do this kind of stuff… He will definitely be shamed of you guys…


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