📌 New VİDEO 🎥: Who Is The Most Successful Ballon d’Or Winner? | Big Fat Quiz

📌 New VİDEO 🎥: Who Is The Most Successful Ballon d’Or Winner? | Big Fat Quiz

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Its Euro Football Daily vs Football Daily to see which channel has been paying the most attention this year!!

Watch the Ball Street Social Club Xmas Special here : https://youtu.be/9TG4q-IFwEI

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  1. This was a great show guys, and i really love your stuff,
    just a quick note about the audio?
    I feel like the sound quality here was a bit battered by the constant screaming.
    The speaking volume was too low , so i put the volume up and damage my ears / wake people up due to the screaming.
    Put the volume low to get rid of the screaming and then I couldn't hear the bits of trivia :/
    Keep up the good work though guys.

  2. Great show but come on lads geography map is badd ther is Czechslovakia like Czechia and Slovakia together and Slovenia Croatia Bosnia Serbia Montenegro and Macedonia are together like Yugoslavia this is like map after 2 world war but only thing it is that Soviet Union isn't together lollll football daily is bad at Geography


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