Anthony Davis and JaVale McGee make up for the loss of DeMarcus Cousins – Stephen A. | First Take

Anthony Davis and JaVale McGee make up for the loss of DeMarcus Cousins – Stephen A. | First Take

Max Kellerman sees DeMarcus Cousins’ torn ACL as a big deal for the Lakers because Los Angeles will likely be unable to overcome their dysfunctional coaching situation without Boogie.

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  1. SAS just said I'm not worried about the Lakers not in that system??? WTF what system is Vogel running??? Reports had LBJ playing PG Vogel came out and said that ain't gonna happen. What system SAS?

  2. ……What kind of rubbish is that, look Boogie was going to provide cover for when the Lakers chose to rest LaBron or AD. JaVelle is not picking up that kind of slack…….SORRY‼️

  3. LET ME SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT. PEOPLE ARW OVERESTIMATING THE LAKERS AS POTENTIAL NBA CHAMPIONS. First of all, they have an old Lequeen James who body is starting to break down with father time knocking at his door. You don't know how his body will hold up. Number two, Anthony Davis has been injured in all of his 7 seasons in the league. Moreover they still don't have enough perimeter shooters in the starting lineup. McGee is not a stretch center. Lequeen is not a great perimeter and Rondo is not a great perimeter player. Furthermore and this is just my opinion. Lequeen has been a point guard all of NBA career and now they want to play him off the ball. It will not work. Lequeen is more effective with the ball in his hands. Then again, he is not a catch and shoot knockdown shooter. He is at his best facilitating. Moreover the Clippers have 3 dynamic defensive player in their starting lineup in Kawhi, George and Beverly and all three can also score the basketball. All 3 are perimeter shooters. They will be a problem for the Lakers. They are also still have young legs, while Rondo and Lequeen have old legs. THE CLIPPERS WILL BLOW THEM OUT, NO JOKE !

  4. Speights and Noah might be the best options for this roster and system. Dwight is a clown and would exhaust this locker room. Bron and AD are in win mode Dwight doesnt know what that means lol

  5. I say speights would be a good fit with his 3 point shooting capability and he have a bit of hustle defense idk about FARIED BECAUSE he's kinda on decline and it's no telling what he will deliver this season

  6. Pump the brakes!!! The Clippers are going to crumble in 2019-20. Yes they took GSW to six games…but anyone that understands BBall history know anytime you win a Final, not once, puts a huge target on your back. EVERY team played GSW tough. One last thing, Clippers played beyond their talent. In other words they're not repeating that kind of play. Clippers won't get out to the WCF. Look for me at the end of the 2019-20 season so I can say, " I told you so."

  7. They’re better off without him only because of the coaching situation. The way Cousins is in the locker room and on the court, he will highlight everything going on with the two head coaches.

  8. If I had to choose between; Howard, Noah or Speights, I'd take Speights but No doesn't really play down low and mainly a shooter. Noah and Howard are true 5/Centers, who also don't have jumpshots but post and rebound. I don't know which is better?

  9. Anyone here doubt Lebron in the playoffs? 15th season Lebron? Cuz that's what we're getting this season. Putting Davis who put up 28ppg, 11 rebounds, 2 blks, 1 steal not even entered his prime yet next to the best player in the world. Then you got green who's a extremely better shooter than J.R. You honestly think Heat was the villain team, just wait.

  10. Ad only staying to finish this last year on his contract lakers did a terrible job trading they future for him nobody else after ad and lebron old man James can consistently put up buckets le-gm is a terrible gm

  11. Please stop acting like the younger Kawhi is the peak of health after limping through the playoffs an missing about 20 games before then and PG had his best season but injured both rotator cuffs and was useless in the playoffs


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