Antonio Brown is being selfish, childish and petty – Stephen A. | First Take

Antonio Brown is being selfish, childish and petty – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Will Cain discuss Antonio Brown threatening to retire and not play one snap with the Oakland Raiders unless he is allowed to use his old helmet. #FirstTake

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  1. Mike Tomlin is looking better and better that's oklands problem now Pittsburg will be all right we need players that want to play Mike hee hee.😁😁😁😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣🤣🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. Typical American way! Humiliate instead of finding out what's going on with him… what a bunch of assclouns sleazebags easy pushers instead of finding out what the problem with him. he don't drink, hes not mean to folks, he don't threaten people. just primadonna s*** . But you treated like if he just shot somebody or was drunk. You guys are a bunch of assholes.

  3. Antonio Brown is a cancer on the game of football. Really glad the Steelers let this spoiled cry-baby bitch go, I say let the whiner wear his "lucky"helmet or whatever the hell reason he's pissing & moaning about, get his bell rung and turn into someone with a little more I.Q. than broccoli….. Come to think of it? broccoli IS smarter than Antonio Brown. Good riddance Diva boy!

  4. MTV helped to kill rock music and social media is destroying sports among other things. I don't waste my time on pro sports anymore.there are too many great books to read.

  5. Fine AB, we'll let you wear that inadequate helmet, as soon as you sign a statement absolving the League from responsibility for head/neck injuries. Or at least agreeing to a cap on medical reimbursements for same, say about half the coverage we give all the rest of the (compliant) players.

  6. AB is a prima Dona lil bitch,now we have a better understanding of what Tomlin and Big Ben have been putting up with for years,as a life long pats fan I hated to see him leave the steelers,this is addition by subtraction as far as I'm concerned

  7. SAS, if U gonna B a sportscaster for real, I am a lefty underachiever in sports, could have been a MLB reliever, peripheral vision is more important than anything. AB has every reason in the world to refuse wearing those helmets

  8. Whoever this jackass is that says Antonio bitch should be allowed to,wear his old helmet is a moron. Simple as this. It’s the fucking rules regardless if it’s his head or not. I don’t like wearing a seatbelt but guess what, if I don’t I could get a ticket. It’s the rules. You get paid millions of fucking dollars yet still cry like your vagina is leaking. I hope he does wear his old helmet and gets concussed so bad that he has to,shit out of a tube. Antonio bitch is the most Me first player I’ve ever seen. Raiders should cut out this cancer before it becomes fatal to them. Brown should be kicked out of the league.

  9. Will Cain is 100% wrong. You have to stop players from themselves sometimes, and player safety is one of those times. If Brown wants to leave the game…fine. He's not worth the drama, and we're all sick of him at this point.

  10. Following rules that sabatoge what you get paid 30 million a year to do is ridiculous. If AB can't see the ball peripherally as a receiver in those new helmets well enough to do his job he better say "Hell no" I ain't wearing dat helmet

  11. Will Cain is an idiot lmao this dude has had how many concussions throughout his career? He needs to follow the rules everyone else follows. Science helps the game evolve and helps protect the players more so why should he be allowed to be put at risk for a major head injury because he is throwing a tantrum? You don't give the child what they want when they freak out you doughnut.

  12. Good good let the hate flow through you. We want you to count us out and hate us. It will make the crow we send you when the season is over taste that much more bitter.


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