Antonio Brown isn’t worth the drama – Will Cain | First Take

Antonio Brown isn’t worth the drama – Will Cain | First Take

After Antonio Brown has threatened to retire over a helmet, Stephen A. Smith and Will Cain debate if he was the main problem with the Pittsburgh Steelers last season.
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  1. Crazy how they beat down Odell and now are tryna beat down Antonio like they are there own man so no one has the right to try to tear him down for making his decisions

  2. Antonio Brown hands down proving that as the talent they have more say so then they want them to believe! He changing things up so that other players can realize they too can have a say in what the rules are. and should be and anything different hold these owners accountable and let them pay out of pocket. The cashier wouldn’t understand a big business move even if he sat in on one 🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi camped outside the browns facility and lied his way into tryouts. Thats just a snippet of what he did for a chance to get on a major teams roster. Guys like Antonio Brown need to learn they arent all that anymore. Guys living in the streets have the skills and are just looking for a shot. I hope the Raiders give him the boot and fast.

  4. It is not a Tomlin issue, it is an owner issue for keeping Tomlin. Tomlin has enabled this BS to continue too long in Pittsburgh. Rooneys are to blame here.

    Rooney should’ve called Tomlin in a few years ago and told him to control his players.

  5. And the stupidest athlete award for 2019 goes to Antonio Brown congratulations keep being stupid you have many more of these awards to come that is if you don't retire but if you do nobody will remember who you are and if the should help to remember you it will be for the child like behavior you showed through out your career such a shame so much wasted potential oh well there are more talented and reliable people out there

  6. Mann I’m sitting here watching 1994 Division round between the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers.
    Bill Cowher did Belichick some gud!
    I think he learned the value of the tightend position there. Eric Green was a big man.
    Also I think Bill has spyware technology 🤔😳👀 or something.
    I know their good but it takes skills and a lil luck.
    They have too much luck.
    The Seattle and Atlanta bowls didn’t look real to me.
    He couldn’t do any of that when he was in the AFC CENTRAL.

  7. At the beginning of this i was like go ahead and quit bitch good riddance cuz i hate AB. But then days later I thought like. Oh noooo oh noooo. Wait a minute. I want this bitch to suffer on the raiders so everyone can see this bum ass son of a bitch. When the raiders have 5 wins i wanna see his bitch ass on a losing team

  8. The NFL doesn't need AB, AB needs the NFL, which is exactly why he backtracked on his empty threat today and will not still play football in the NFL for the Raiders.

  9. Any black guy who calls another black guy an Uncle Tom instantly tells everyone he’s a dumbass and the “Uncle Tom” black guy is intelligent and is a better man. Uncle Tom is meant to be an insult yet it’s the greatest compliment.

  10. Good God is Stephen A Smith an idiot….I think he has CTE. How anyone can watch and take him seriously is beyond me. Edit: Then he tries to pull his head out of his ass at the end, but it's too late.

  11. AB is like a spoiled child who is constantly trying to test his parents on how far he can go before they flip out on him; he has this compulsion to test boundaries, and try to figure out just how much rope he has to play with; well, I say the league should drop a dime on him like this: if he continues to be a distraction, if he doesn't show up for games, if he doesn't fulfill his contract in ANY WAY, SHAPE, or FORM – both the league, and the Raiders (but mostly this should come from the league) should send him home for the season! I'm DEAD serious! They should say, "AB, you're suspended with pay for conduct detrimental to the league for the 2019 season; specifically, your refusal to follow the uniform safety guidelines of the NFL. Pack your personal belongings, leave the Raiders facility, and don't show up there again – even for training or treatment – until we, the league, working in concert with the Raiders, clears you to do so. As of this moment, you should consider yourself on forced furlough from the NFL; take the year, and get your shit together; or not. We'll evaluate your status with the Raiders after the season's over. You are DONE for 2019; SEE YA!"

    The reason why this needs to happen? Because a message needs to be sent that if you refuse to act like a man, and like an adult…this is going to be one of the consequences. The league should REFUSE to put up with this, like the Steelers did; suspend this child with pay, and IGNORE him for the rest of the NFL season. Don't say another WORD in public about AB (and tell the Raiders to do the same; if anyone asks about AB to the Raiders, the standard response should be, "he's been suspended with pay by the league; please direct your question to league officials and the Commissioner.") until AFTER the Super Bowl. Let's see if THAT gets his attention, and gets through his thick skull!

    He can whine all he wants, and his lawyers can threaten suits all they want….but the league should stand pat, and make it clear that, if they are sued, then the suspension could go from "with pay," to "without pay," and FURTHER sanctions might also result! Also, the WHOLE body of bad behavior will come out; EVERY little thing he's done in the league will be made available in court, and then we'll see who comes out on top then! The league's position will be this: he's been a bad, disruptive employee almost since day ONE, even though his talent is undeniable…we feel he's too much of a distraction, and we aren't going to allow him to disrupt our safety concerns for the players, or let one single player disrupt operations for MORE THAN ONE TEAM, as AB has NOW DONE. I can't imagine any judge saying, "yeah, you guys were wrong in your decision; let him come back, and do whatever he wants!"

    It's clearly becoming time to fish or cut bait with Antonio Brown…and it's looking like he wants to be the subject of a Movie of the Week: "The uber-Talented NFL Player who Couldn't Grow Up!"

  12. That’s my point.
    The AFC Central/North is the Steelers division.
    Of course someone else wins here and there.
    This year the hype is over the Browns but I say , we’ll sweep them!
    Just cuz!

  13. I wish this MF woke up tommorow 2 feet shorter and 100 pounds heavier. This dude gifted and throwing it all away like the fucking idiot he is. Can't wait till ALL NFL teams start shunning his ass!


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