Antonio Brown may not last this season with the Raiders – Mike Greenberg | Get Up

Antonio Brown may not last this season with the Raiders – Mike Greenberg | Get Up

Adam Schefter, Domonique Foxworth, Damien Woody and Mike Greenberg discuss Antonio Brown’s Instagram post about a letter he received from Oakland Raiders GM Mike Mayock indicating he is being fined $54K for missing time during NFL training camp.
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  1. So the NFL makin' AB wear a new helmet, right? That mean they admittin' that his old helmet wuz causing CTE. They done had him playin' in a helmet that causes CTE for his whole career, bruh. And they admittin'. He gonna sue the league on that basis, bruh. In the case of AB we got a man saying, "Why can't I wear my helmet?" And then the league be like, "Are you crazy? That thing's DANGEROUS!" So it seem like he got a case. They admittin' that they allowed him to wear a helmet that caused CTE for years and years. If the rest of the league want in on this lawsuit they should thank AB for getting the league office to admit.

  2. So…. the body issue Chris Paul.
    You guys can disable comments all you want but why on earth are you showing this black man naked on YouTube and calling it art? And then try to razzle and dazzle us with this Antonio Brown foolishness

  3. Look at his words, he said just so we're clear everybody gonna pay. He's pissed about the fine then has to have teammates hold him back and then threatens to punch a gm. He's just like his dad. A pos. They didn't give him money. Read the contract, they don't owe him a dime.

  4. This starts in the home and in school. If you all can't see that this is a cultural problem, you have your head up your asses. We enable bad behavior by telling them that they're victims and it just evolves into a lack of personal accountability because they buy into the narrative that it's somebody elses fault right from the beginning.

  5. Ryan Clark was Right. Troy Polamolau wanted to " Lite his Ass-up " in Practice. after A.B Cursed out Coach Tomlin and Dick LeBeau. He is a Clown. Let him Retire. The NFL will survive without him.

  6. Ummm you're a spoiled fucking brat that gets paid millions to play a game. You've been the worst employee/teammate EVER with truckloads of unnecessary baggage and issues. And the "devil" comment, although you thought you slid it in there without people knowing the score, speaks loud and clear. You and other young black athletes, like lesean mccoy and DeSean jackson are still, after all this time, upset at the system aka whitey. Young black athletes think they dont have to follow the rules because theyre stars and when they get disciplined, they blame it on racism. Thats why he called mayock a "cracker." Typical fucking shine


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