Behind Closed Doors: Domestic Violence in Australia | 101 East

Behind Closed Doors: Domestic Violence in Australia | 101 East

“A national disgrace” is how Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull describes the domestic violence epidemic racking the country.
In the past year, more than 60 women have been killed, and a staggering one in four women has experienced domestic violence from an intimate partner.
The government has pledged $100m to stop violence against women, but is it enough and will it go anywhere near what is needed to repair a massively overloaded and broken system?
101 East examines why domestic violence touches so many Australian women – talking to victims, perpetrators and those on the frontline of the crisis.

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  1. Self-esteem is correlated with higher education. Unfortunately, the uneducated masses control the world. This couple was uneducated, unmarried. Having kids & not enough money leads to high stress, substance abuse & domestic violence. Factual data.

  2. I knew a girl who found out after she married "the most wonderful man in the world" that he was violent she bought a baseball bat and hammered dome headed nails into it when he was in a drunken sleep she beat him. Until bones were broken and he was bleeding then she called the copstold them that this was the cure for brutal husbands. And it would be done again if he ever disrespected her again. They are still married and he has behaved

  3. 13:00 ummm it is NOT necessary to BELIEVE her outright. but it is VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO TRIVIALIZE what she is saying. there is a BIG difference. honestly what that lady just said is, even if the woman is lieing u better believe what she is saying….because it may not be often that it is a lie, but there are guaranteed times where it is a lie. i dont care if its 1 in 1 million times that it is a lie, there is no reason to tell someone they MUST BELIEVE them….just listen to my logic before u lash out with stupidity, i am saying DO NOT TRIVIALIZE what is being confided to you, it could be the last time someone actually looks for help. do everything in your power to get to the bottom of it and help them PERIOD. but is stupid to say U HAVE TO BELIEVE THEM. again if u cannot understand the distinction i am making and why i am making it and want to label me something like insensitive or a chauvanist or whatever it may be, u need to take a good long hard look in the mirror because i made this perfectly clear and straight forward using sound logic. it is DANGEROUS to automatically believe whatever someone tells you

  4. Never give an abusive man or even abusive woman another chance. They never change. All lies to get u to stay for more violence from him. Do not believe their pleas and promises that they will change. They are nice in front of others, not in private with u. They know how to cover up their violent nature with social niceties. Women, be aware: as soon as u see control being exerted on u, leave him. They never change. Do not be won over by the insincere cover-up of his violent nature with flowers, chocolates, sweet love-making , etc, u can tell by their use of gross, disrespectful words, never accept their lies, leave them, they persuaded u to stay for more abuse and pain and fear on u and your children, if u have any. Leave, even if u have no money.

  5. Jerry made a very very very important point. He did. The restraining order just remove them from one relationship to a next therefore carrying on the cycle. Help need to be given to both parties n harsher punishment for the perpetrators at the Same time .

  6. I used to argue with my wife when she punished our son by locking him in a closet or bath room. I truly never agreed with it!!! She told me that, that's what the Christian couple from England taught her to discipline our kids. And do I know??? I knew growing up, being punished to stay home not to go anywhere. Everyone left, I was home Alone, terrified of the people came on the ship, the wind blowing, I was around 3 or 4 years old at that time. I don't remember anything else, but the fear is still there until today, I now 53 years old. Our house has open wide doors, no cover, I mean no doors, no rooms.

  7. the victims should wear something like the Senior citizens wear with emergency button to press to call for help, easily track by Cops using GPS, this I think will help them effectively, than some restraint order which easily being violated many times in maybe every cases.

  8. As a man I find this a disgrace. I have never n will never touch my wife with anger. I used to have a bad temper but would just walk away. I gave n turned my life over to Jesus Christ n now have no temper or at least can controll my feelings n just let things roll off. I used to have no patience driving n would be so mad at others n now I have the patience it takes in todays world n could not have accomplished this without Jesus guiding me. God Bless n always love God above everything else n love ur neighbor as yourself!!

  9. Women are so stupid for putting their kids in danger. That alone should be enough to give you the strength to leave ! Do what u want with your life, but if u have children, don't risk their lives! There are women's shelters that.offer protection for women and children, the police will protect you. I was in a domestic relationship, I escaped a few times, but I went back because of my emotions, because of love or loneliness or hope. But once he got me pregnant, I knew that was the line i wasn't willing to cross, because it's no longer only my life that is on the line. Please women! Protect your children! Change begins with you!

  10. Prosecutors should not be allowed to offer plea bargains without victim permission. They had video proof and could have given him 20 years. Now he will kill them in 3 years.

  11. Al Jazeera is from Qatar, and they love showing violence against women in non-Muslim countries, because their goal is to show that violence is universal. That's true. But violence against women in Islamic countries is just unspeakably higher. Why don't they speak about it? Because their agenda is taqiyya, to progress the cause of Islam. I lived in a Muslim country, I've been beaten, and I've heard so many neighbours beating women, it's everywhere there, the abuse. I ran to these neighbours, and I screamed at them stop it, but I was like a crazy one in that society, like it's normal, the violence. It is so common there. And apart beating, economic and psychological abuse is even more widespread. For them, when I told my problems, they showed sorrow, but I never felt like deep inside they were outrageous about my husband's behaviour. They used to say, he loves you, just be more clever, try not to provoke him (I never provoked him). The advice I got the most was: endure for your kids. In our societies that existss, but most people feel an outrage at this and would advise you something different.

  12. 17:40
    Did he just say we are going to see less repeat calls? Oh sure! You might get those calls down to just one: when it's time to call a coroner.
    Really sad. DV is such a tragic situation, and it really just starts with the abuser. So he is right as far as that goes, you have to involve him. It is a complex problem but a big piece of the puzzle is the addictive aspect of violent anger, power and control. But then what are the root causes of addiction? Really tough.
    But treating symptoms is not a cure.

  13. there needs to be education at an early age in school so it can teach children when to speak up and get help from abusive situations at home that may be a secret . and it helos them learn at an early age that it is not correct to put your hands on anothet human being

  14. Thought Australia is a good place.
    They always criticize other countries.
    Stop pointing fingers coz the rest is pointing back to you. You don't know
    What'shappening behind close doors.
    Very sorry for Sandy.

  15. I told the judge a restraining order really what am i going to do with that give him a paper cut back in the late 80's early 90's if the cop didnt seen him beating you they wouldn't do nothing it was terrible back then and honestly it isnt much better

  16. What more are the police supposed to do. They help these woman. Charge there violent partner. 5 minutes later the woman changes her mind. Because I love him. Officer. Why do these woman waste there time calling the police. I'd they are not going to drop the charges.

  17. I have never married and I have three children just because of the story like this and all the men I was in relationships they have the sign of doing some things like this

  18. Oh dear god. This is like watching a period of my life being replayed. I was on my own (no children etc) so many times I was “going to” do something about/ leave/ cut all ties to him but? I thought “ oh my god. I’m going to be judged”
    One night he went too far and put a knife through the walls and through my hand while it was dialling the police. Ambos turned up first (I was hiding in bushes at the end of the street) the police? A ridiculous amount of time and the ambos had to chase the police up. This was in the late 90’s. I’m proud now to say I got out of there. The police? I’ve no time for because I was a victim……..and they didn’t do a thing. I told them everything that had happened that night. Only once he turned up 200kms away and starting problems there that they did anything. He hid himself in a shed and was on a stand off with him for 3 days and nights….if they’d done something? There would’ve been no shots fired at the police.

  19. The moment he puts his hand on you OR talks abusively towards you, be certain of this; HE DOESN'T LOVE YOU…INSTEAD HE BELIEVES HE OWNS YOU.



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