Best of the LA Clippers | 2018-19 NBA Season

Best of the LA Clippers | 2018-19 NBA Season

Check out the best plays from the Clippers this past season!

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  1. Let’s go L.A. clips we gonna win the championship ?? we got ma player pg n added kawhi n we have the best 6th man in the league our bench is oof n the defense is oof n our offense is oof ❗️???️

  2. This team got better the right way unlike the Lakers/Fakers. Players wanted to play for us unlike the Lakers we didn’t beg for Free Agents. We made the playoffs last year with no superstars. Jerry West remodeled a Finals ready team and did not run out like Magic Johnson. Our fans do not protest for being bad unlike Fakers fans. We are getting past the second round this year. CLIPPERS NATION STAND UP!!!

  3. Bruh Montrezl at Center Paul George at Power Forward Kawhi at small forward Patrick Beverley at Point Guard and Lou Williams at Shooting Guard …. how tf do u beat that

  4. I’ve been a fan of this team since 2013 and I’m glad that we finally have a chance to get out of the second round now ? hopefully kawhi and pg gets this team a championship

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  6. This is are fucking year!!!
    NBA CHAMPIONS Next Year ????
    Where are the real Clippers fans at???
    ? Marco jaric, Sean rooks, Al Thornton, Rasul Butler, caron butler, Steve Novak, Cherokee parks, Chris kaman, Craig Smith, Marcus camby, Eric piatkowski, Andre Miller, earl boykins, Q Ross, Kerry Kittles, cuttino mobley, bill Walton, Danny Manning, Randy Smith, Paul davis, Ricky davis, Baron Davis, Elton brand, Cory maggette, Darius miles, Lamar Odom, Quetin Richardson, Miachel olowokandi, Eric Gordon, Shawn Livingston, Chris Wilcox,


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