Best of the New York Knicks! | 2018-19 NBA Season

Best of the New York Knicks! | 2018-19 NBA Season

Check out the best plays and moments from the New York Knicks’ 2018-19 Season!

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  1. This is fucking pathetic. The knicks dont deserve a fucking video , they dont even deserve to be talked about. Their team is pathetic, their fans are pathetic, they expected zion,kyrie, and durant for tanking their season but only got rj barret and four power forwards.FUCK THE FUCKING KNICKS AND EVERYTHING THEY STAND FOR. FUUUUUUCCK THE KNNNNIIICCKKKKSSSS

  2. Bro if the starting lineup on opening night ISNT THIS it’ll be setting the wrong tone for this season.

    1. DSJ
    2. Barrett
    3. Knox
    4. Randle
    5. Robinson

  3. All the Knicks haters talking shit .lol but the Knicks are finally building the right way alot of young talent with some good vets that don't cost alot. 1yr deals . The Knicks will surprise fans this season. Let's go fiz

  4. Best of the New York Knicks:
    Signing Julius Randle?
    Finding a defensively powerful rookie in Mitchell Robinson?
    Signing undrafted rookie Allonzo Trier who has some potential?
    Getting RJ Barrett, who has shown some efficiency issues in the summer league, with the third pick?
    Signing a bunch of veterans such as Taj Gibson and Marcus Morris?


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