Big Ben has more pressure than Mike Tomlin – Stephen A. | First Take

Big Ben has more pressure than Mike Tomlin – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith argues Ben Roethlisberger is under more pressure than Mike Tomlin to lead the Pittsburgh Steelers to a successful season.

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  1. 6:45

    DW: Where are you putting Eli manning in this?
    SAS: He's not even in the discussion
    DW: I respect you even more

    man interrupted SAS to ask about ELI hahaha SAS probably lost respect for him

  2. Mike Tomlin is under way more pressure; the Steelers aren't getting rid of Big Ben if they have a horrible season. Since Winning the Super Bowl in 2008 Pittsburgh is 5-6 in the playoffs from 2009 – 2018 and missed the playoffs 4 out of those 10 years and didn't win a playoff game in 7 of those 10 years. Mike Tomlin has underachieved with the talent he's had in Pittsburgh by far! What would Pittsburgh be without Big Ben? Tomlin is supposed to be this defensive genius yet Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars put up 45 points in the 2017 AFC Divisional playoff game in Pittsburgh.

  3. Why are people talking about hating on Ryan Hollins here when he's not even in the video when DeAngelo Williams is awful. Hey DeAngelo, your former teammate is going to the Hall of Fame whether you like it or not. There's no legacy issue DeAngelo. Does Antonio Brown call the plays? Read Defenses? Antonio Brown should be worried about Derek Carr getting him the ball. Leveon Bell needs to worry more about if the Jets can block for him. Hey DeAngelo, if Zeke Elliot was paired with Blake Bortles, would they be a winning team? The NFL is a QB League. Period.

  4. Let's clarify that Antonio wasn't one of the best nor was Le'Veon one of the best. They are the best at their positions. Now it comes down to both of them Ben and Tomlin. Mike because he couldn't handle his team, players and Ben because he couldn't handle the pressure thus blaming others.

  5. When u talk about leveon and Brown having an impact on Big Ben i cant stop laughing. Seriously? Where was Leveon and Antonio when Big Ben won not one(Aaron Rogers) but TWO Superbowl titles? How many do they have? Umm…I wouldve destroyed Stephen A and made him or anyone else look silly

  6. Big Ben plays old. If his guys run he's got a chance. However cleavland and Baltimore have young fellows that can ball who seem durable. Hungrier. Expect 3rd in the division until one of his backups comes up to make Tomlin the genius.

  7. Big ben is at the tail end of his career n has his money. Also will be a hall o famer.big ben is not feeling pressure. Tomlin on the other hand is one of the best coaches but is just another guy for belicheck to beat

  8. Let me say this… I'm a huge die hard Steelers fan born and raised in Pittsburgh. The 1 thing I respect the most from New England is that everything they do is business! You hear no bullshit about them as far as football on the field goes and no question about who their leader is. Over the last 6 years all you here about from the steelers in petty as problems, little girl shit!, them dudes over there NE not doing that shit they winning championships! Y'all grown ass men act like it and play ball fuck all the other shit!

  9. I'm tired of hearing the same damn excuses week in and week out from the players as well as the head coach. Roethlisberger..oh I should of played better
    ,yea no shit!…Mike Tomlin.. We just didn't get it done they made the necessary plays to win the game, yea no shit! I'm done with the excuses man. It's football damn, you focus and lock in you fucking work till your eyes fall out and you win. Your not playing this game to make friends your here to do a job, and thats win championships, and that's why I respect NE for this exact thing, they do what we don't!

  10. Hmmm funny how Ben got his contract nice n easy but bell getting a contract or trying to get one you turned on bell and made the offensive line against bell smh not right

  11. Wow. So we’re just not gonna talk about how Stephan a overrating mike tomlin. Sean Payton and Andy Reid have been definitely better. Andy Reid’s deciples have been better. Example being bears and rams. Sooo around 5-6 coaches have been better than tomlin. Stop actin like he’s #2. Smh

  12. Where TF can dwil take somebody nowhere unless they get in the dam car😂SMH but got so much to say he only was better than another player when stew first came in but stew better than him he only rushed for 1,000 2times 💩

  13. there's enough blame to go around, but what keeps being forgotten and for D to be sitting there he should understand that Bell is not needed and AB was just good for stats. Actually both were good for stats, thats it. I don't see any hardware that those two have brought us, the only thing I can say those 2 did is Pittsburgh more than previous years are in the news a lot other than that what have they done for us. saying that those 2 was our whole offense you might as well crown the Raiders as a top 5 Offense along with the Jets. plain and simple the Divas are gone the ball can be spread around instead of forced and a team full of young hungry players ready to prove right along with the fact we have tons of talent that will get noticed now. I CAN"T WAIT…..

  14. Big Ben has pressure alright, he has pressure to not rape anymore women so that he can actually play on the field. He’s one more rape away from being kicked off the NFL. Ray Rice can’t play in the NFL but the serial rapist Big Ben can.


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