BREAKING NEWS – Trump fires National Security Adviser John Bolton | ABC News

BREAKING NEWS – Trump fires National Security Adviser John Bolton | ABC News

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  1. This is what I like about Trump, as soon as he learns that someone is going to quit, he fires them on twitter before he can quit. Just like back in high school and you hear that your girlfriend is going to break with you, so you cause a big scene in front of all her friends, who are also your friends, and break up with her first , by saying " You're fired bitch. "

  2. How can u be a president with NO CABINET!!! everyone there is in an "acting" position. Trump is completely and totally incompetent!! Get him out! he can't even run the west wing let alone the country. Can we please just end this nightmare!!

  3. I won't say anything bad about Trump since he is the president for now.but the next president will have a nice group of people who know their business and jobs to pick from since Trump got rid of the best of the best!

  4. Trump is right the wars is over do.. It's about time someone is try to stop the war.. It's been to damn long. Trump will go down in history if Trump stop that war.. Keep pushing Trump don't let them bully you stand up stay strong Trump.. Fight back you are a fighter..They just don't want Trump to stop the war.. People are going to say all kinds of stuff about Trump.. Stand your ground Trump… Stand your ground..

  5. Yaayyyyyy!….this guy was a rabid war monger and Israeli shill that pushed Israels interests ahead of that of the American people, and obviously overstepped his boundaries and would have been vehemently opposed to a diplomatic approach and reopening dialogue with the Iranians.

  6. I guess he wont cellebrate in Tehran that scumbag. Threating nations, that piece of shit with our troops, does not care for any human life but his ego. I want to shit on him. Where is he now?

  7. The nigga in the White House said that John Bolton's services are no longer needed. Well listen up nigga in the White House, your services have been long expired you are no longer needed either!

  8. Bolton do you want to be a secret agent of God sir to help us in the spiritual battle?

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  10. War monger like: McCain, Hillary, George W Bush, Bush jr., Condaleca Rice, and Colin Powell. Good eavining good ridence goodbye! Dueces you old white man ✌

  11. I was searching YouTube for "'Trump fires…" and there's a whole lot of people who have been fired by Trump… just like his game show "The Aprentist"
    "Your Fired" without a explanation or any chance of defense.
    What a jerk. I wouldn't want to work for someone like that anyway. 🌈😎 There's got to be a morning after….


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