Brexit delay set to become law after winning Lords’ approval

Brexit delay set to become law after winning Lords’ approval

The United Kingdom’s House of Lords – the upper chamber of the nation’s Parliament – has approved a bill to delay Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.
The Lords passed the bill on Friday.
Conservative peers had earlier in the week threatened to filibuster the fast-tracked legislation into oblivion, and more than 100 amendments were tabled for discussion.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has accused his opponents of making an “extraordinary political mistake” in refusing his calls for a snap election next month.

Al Jazeera’s Emma Hayward has more from London.

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  1. The more they push the stronger ferege and Brexit party will become.
    The remain votes are split but the leave votes are more focused and annoyed that their votes have been ignored.
    Parliament is now a Dictatorship holding 17.5 million people against their will in a EU union they never voted for to join.

    The MP's are breaking the law and changing the law to suite their agenda.
    The Parliament is a Disgrace and has destroyed democracy.
    (Brexit had exposed on how its all rigged)
    democracy is dead if the losers don't accept the result.
    Democracy is just an illusion if the Parliament twist and bends the law against the people will instead of standing with the people they lie and try to scare them.

    (IF a union has to blackmail its members in order for it to stay then that is a very bad union and only bad things will happen).

  2. Any election you fight will be won by the party offering a No Deal Brexit and that party currently is the Brexit party. So in any election the Brexit party will win hands down resulting in a No Deal Brexit ultimately. Any referendum will result in the same outcome ie No Deal exit and we already know that from the polls so no point in having one. Any deal we attempt to broker with the EU will cost an arm and a leg and keep us attached to the club forever, relinquishing our fishing waters for good. So simply taking us out with No Deal on 31st Oct gets us that result now without any of the delays or having to ask for an extension. Once out do a deal with the 21 in that they can have the whip back in exchange for no repraisal. Cancel all talk of an election and get on with fixing the country. Giving up now Boris makes you a failed PM, whereas taking us out with No Deal under ANY circumstances makes you a hero forever and possibly the bravest PM in UK history.

  3. Stop killing Kashmiris in Wadi by Hindi Terrorists outfits and Indian State Terrorism. The Kashmir has been made a Extermination Camp by Hindi Hitler. The GULF nations need to take the serious notice of this Indian State Terrorism.

  4. Utterly pointless law for a meaningless delay which we've already had twice! Either cancel Brexit or implement it by 31st Oct! Simple! Yet I dunno which side I am on now! I'm neutral I guess!

  5. Yeah because Brook settled in NewYorkCity before the Queen we helped the Queen get strong enough to free the slaves we never had slaves ever and now it’s Brooklyn and the Queen and that’s Brexit too

  6. the only way for bojo is to do what he was asked, go to brussel to ask for an extension. Then he has time to campaign for ge.

    otherwise, the opposite can vote May deal through, and uk is jailed in eu forever without membership.

  7. How dare the rebel MPS including the opposition parties decide to fight and clash against the will of the people, this has been an humiliating angle for British democracy, it shows the complete utter disgust the opposition have against the people of the UK. We voted OUT!

  8. The EU is in negotiations with opposition MP's in respect to the future of this Country bypassing Government. The EU is doing this because, opposition MP's in parliament have now sworn their allegiance to the EU against their own Country.

  9. Since we all know by now, as it is widely reported, that there was
    massive collusion between the remainer rebels and the EU, both in the drafting
    of the new bill and the acceptance of the fact that an extension would be
    approved by the EU, it is these traitors on both sides of the channel who
    should be going to jail. Calls for their imprisonment will surely climb and the
    furore will itself negate this illegally acquired legislation.

  10. It has been reported that the Times has stated ,which they would not have if they didn't have proof, that opposition
    party MPs had discussions with the EU which helped them getting this act passed which surely is against the
    rules and laws without the the Queens consent or PMs approval therefore this act should be upheld until this matter
    has been fully investigated, go for it Boris

  11. How can you make a law that relies on someone elses decision? That can't be legal. That's like making a law that says go ask the hottest girl out on a date and you can't take no for an answer.

  12. Boris does not have to be like Winston to follow in his footsteps. Just as Theresa May did not have to be like Neville Chamberlain to follow in his footsteps.

  13. How many times do they want to have an delay and are out with one leg and in with the other.
    In the mean time there is no function government to deal with real important issues.


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