Brexit turmoil: Small towns could swing election result in UK

Brexit turmoil: Small towns could swing election result in UK

Regardless of when an election is called, one of the tightest Brexit battles fought will be in the city of Canterbury in the United Kingdom.
In 2017, Labour took it from the Conservatives for the first time in almost a century.
Al Jazeera’s Paul Brennan went to see how voters are feeling now.

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  1. As if those liberal kids are not affluent…they arw posh enough to be able to protest and throw their juice boxes so I am guessing they sure are NOT members of the working class…they want to destroy what their ancestor s built…they deserve what they get.

  2. if parliament or a significant proportion of it does not respect the will of the British people, i see only hypocrisy when they claim the government does not respect parliament.

  3. If you want Brexit, surely you want a practical one, that can actually happen? I have no idea why there are so many comments below this video, asking for the impossible, and making the authors sound badly informed. I have no interest in a hard border in Ireland, an independent Scotland, devaluing the british pound, or slowing our economic growth, and no idea why people want this self-harm so badly. If you do, have the patience to see it through responsibily without damaging our country please. Resolving the backstop issue is vital to moving forwards, and peace in Northern Ireland. I do not want to be bombed by the IRA because Brexiteers tore up an international peace agreement, undoing a solution to a decades old problem. Brexit is like a tailor made suit – it's not really needed when you can get mass produced clothes from the supermarket that fit most needs (the EU), and will take a long time to have yourself measured, and something hand made just for you. If you want Brexit, then at least have the patience to resolve the myriad of problems it creates, so that it's actually deliverable.


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