Can being a caveman cure anxiety? – BBC News

Can being a caveman cure anxiety? – BBC News

Anxiety is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health problems in the UK – but could being a caveman help people cope?
Reporter Jordan Dunbar went to find out if a hunter-gatherer mindfulness session could help him with his own anxiety.

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  1. "I decided to become a counselor"… The root of half the modern world's problems is found in that sentence. Actually worse than "I decided to become a neurosurgeon" or "I decided to become an armed neighbourhood vigilante."

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  3. This is so sad, here is a woman, teaching men to be men. Are we suprised that men now experience so much anxiety. Back in the day we had men who were men, who knew that their masculinity was for a pupose. Who allowed their strengh and natual aggresion to be used to protect and care for their family, and was taught self control. They did not have to totaly suppress what they are. Society by calling masculinity toxic , is encouraging anxiety and illness. Boys should be encouraged to be boys, and still to show concern for the safety of others, and taught how to be gentlemen.

  4. I LOVE feeling wild in nature…that’s why I dance in it and try to get outside daily. It’s been so healing to my soul. I don’t take any medications and I’ve been labeled and diagnosed with so many mental illnesses in my past ….none of which are present today 🌲💚👌

  5. nearly nailed it, but then miss it completely. playing in nature does reduce anxiety. concentrating on a task does reduce anxiety. but it is in feeling the ~real~ anxiety of having to depend on your own wits to survive in nature, and conquering that real and tangible anxiety, that puts our modern, vague, low-level, constant, nagging anxiety to bed.

    modern anxiety is due to a feeling of helplessness, of a total lack of control, living an entire life where we never feel the empowerment, the security, the contentment, the strength of knowing that we can take care of ourselves, see to our own needs. we only do what we are told, in order to get money tokens, in order to then give those tokens to others, in order that we are handed the means to survive, which will all be withheld from us if we do not comply. it is a token by proxy false life, far from our 'caveman' roots.

    feeling the real fear of survival, and overcoming it, is what we evolved on. life now is too cushy, with all the real necessities of staying alive being things we cannot provide for ourselves, making us utterly helpless and dependent on an unpredictable provider.

    you don't need to live your life foraging for food and shelter and warmth to feel that empowerment amd ditch your anxiety. but you do need to do more than play outside in the trees with a counselor holding your hand as you rub sticks together.

  6. I mean yeah absolutely. Humans weren't meant to live in boxes but we've created these capitalist societies around the world where you can't easily just quit your job and start anew… Anxiety and a lot of psychological conditions are created by the lack of control over an unhappy life… holding the same repetitive job.

  7. I think this is great therapy, even if I don't subscribe to the whole "find your inner caveman" idea. Being in the nature, doing physical work, and being in friendly company are all proven anxiety-decreasing activities.

  8. Results of a study group of twenty people after three month:

    1 man fell off a cliff
    2 men got into a fight and beat the crap out off each other and had to be taken to the hospital
    3 men were eaten by predators
    5 men died from eating poisonous plants
    9 men survived without major injuries

    9 people will never feel anxious again! So I guess, it was a huge success.

  9. This is a vacation, not a cure.
    Sure, it helps at that specific point in time, but when it ends, it ends completely.
    So, while it's great if done periodically, it just doesn't really help people with anxiety that are basically trapped in their daily routines, with no time or money to spend in anything else.
    And then, for people who are not trapped in their daily routines… it doesn't seem necessary at all to go in the middle of a jungle and connect with your hunter-gatherer self or some other bullshit to get rid of anxiety. Any activity that requires focus and dedication will do. Which is why stuff like meditation works. Or hobbies. Or sports.


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