Can Marcus Rashford Win The Golden Boot This Season?! | #HotTakes

Can Marcus Rashford Win The Golden Boot This Season?! | #HotTakes




  1. Rashford will score twenty and the team is practicing with de gea which will make him more clinical over all . If pogba stays he will . And a mini comp between him and martial means martial bout eighteen premier league goals 25 each they will all comps . They are in form and clinical!!!!!

  2. I'm 25 from london is it late for me to become a pro footballer ?I work hard in the gym every day Iv played in the past currently trying to get my fitness back and get back in football do you think it's late for me to be a pro ?

  3. Everyone is blowing the VAR situation out of proportion, it happens in rugby where almost everything is reviewed and the wait is fine as it shows what has happened on the big screens

  4. I agree with James when mane scored his second goal I didn’t celebrate until they showed the replay to just be sure as I was watching with Chelsea fans and didn’t want to look like an idiot

  5. Its pretty dubious if Rashord is going to be good enough to be a Man U player, he needs to starting hitting the 20 mark, and then go above it and stay there. Greenwood has better decision making, and is better on the ball than him already, I think he has much more chance.

  6. What reasonable person would really think that?! Look at either players..let's say last 4 seasons and compare and look at trends…then consider the players around them up front…question should be..can rashford have consecutive seasons with double digit goals…I think aubameyang grabbed that last year by xmass

  7. The VAR should be modified to 1 request per team.
    Instead of referees intervening, the decision to ask for VAR should reside with the teams.
    If they get it right, they retain the chance, if not they lose one and can't request anymore.
    That way not every decision by the ref would be challenged and teams would be more diligent using it.
    This has been the case with Tennis and Cricket. And it has been fairly successful in retaining interest of the audience in the game.

  8. Zack is an absolute crackhead for saying that it adds excitement. It literally sucks the fun out of the game. Like why don't they make it so that each team only has a few challenges per game so there is risk and its not just mayhem over everything. Its excruciatingly painful watching at home constant stoppage over stupid tiny shit.

  9. I’m saying play AWB rb and TAA right wing in a 4-4-2 for England I think that would be nasty as Trent has a great cross on him and is good attacking and Aaron is more solid defensively

  10. No. Aubameyang as a striker is better than Rashford in almost every way. Aubameyang has the predatory instincts that the current United attackers lack, and even the ability to score when he isn’t playing well.

  11. The clock should stop when the ball goes out of play. The ball would be in play for ninety minutes instead of roughly sixty. Then u have no controversial 9mins added when 5mins were shown on the 4th officials board, where did the other 30mins go? And it would eradicate time wasting completely.

  12. City fans didn’t refrain from celebrating, they just don’t care, if it was say Newcastle or a team that hasn’t won anything in a while will go mental and city fans just say there

  13. How can you put Cancelos attacking output in the same region as TAAs? Last season Cancelo had 3 assists in all competitions. TAA had 12 in the EPL alone with 5 more in the UCL. He also already has 2 more assists this season than Cancelo, and we’ve only just started the campaign.


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