Cardi B’s ‘Twerk’ video sparks conversation on women’s empowerment

Cardi B’s ‘Twerk’ video sparks conversation on women’s empowerment

Critics are taking aim at the rapper’s new music video, opening a debate on the line between body positivity and objectification in the age of #MeToo.


  1. Ok and the Victoria secret show is still 1 of the highest watched shows and the miss America pageant is still around with no problem white ppl please stop finding anything we do as a reason to farther ur fake agenda

  2. I see videos with women twerking like this all the time. When men make these videos noone bats an eye a woman makes this video it's shameful? GTFOH 😂😂😂 Lil Pump Butterfly Doors is just as raunchy no one has said a thing about it. These white women are not offended running to see Magic Mike movies moaning and screaming the whole time. Sit TF down already, these women have every right to do what they want with their bodies. Don't expect are former stripper to be a role model for your child, you are responsible for who your child looks up to. It's called parental contol and guidance.

  3. Once again, (white people) sticking there nose where it doesn't' belong. My ancestors did enough for your people and yet you still look for (people of color) to control and tell what we should and shouldn't do. If we go real deep. Let's talk about how disobedient your asses are. You Mfs still haven't learned what God has been trying to reveal to you. 400 hundred plus years and your still telling God I will be a controlling, racist coward til I die. Oh yeah, and we will continue to spread that shit on to our seeds. If most white people are't hypocrites, I'll pay you. We Do Not Have To Worship Your Ideas and Thought Patterns. Hence, look at the damn country. You've been in control for so long, created a system of injustice, that's creates hate and fear. Fix that shit first and then maybe we will listen Mfs.

  4. We conservative women need to understand that ungodly women like Cardi B will behave ungodly and will expect people to accept it. We live in a time where good is called evil and evil is called good. As Godly women, we need to pray for them and not condemn them on social media.

  5. You are entitled to wear/not wear whatever you want. Just keep in mind that by twerking half-naked, you’re grabbing the attention of all men including molesters and rapists. So you’re putting yourself in that position to potentially get assaulted in some way.

  6. Women empowerment, so this means that women should behave like men in Every way, alright. I got no problem but i am ready with 4k 120fps camera.


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