Careers RUINED By Injury XI

Careers RUINED By Injury XI


Sergio Ramos may of ruined Salah’s chances of a World Cup appearance but compared to these injuries it’s nothing…


  1. Wow. All the bad luck Arsenal have had as compared to United and it kinda makes you think if not for a few incidents, We'd be celebrating Arsene and not Fergie as the best manager in the Premier league.

  2. I have to say, Liverpool are gash! They have three good players in their team and have had one of the easiest routes to the champions league final since maybe mourinho’s porto run to the final. They had one of the easiest groups in the champions league. Not only that but most of the goals scored by their front three came against the shit teams in that group. The only hard team they had in their group was Sevilla who they drew with 3-3. Anyway next Porto, even worse bad kaputsk cac shoddy poor. Man city I’ll give you was quite difficult but that was it. Roma (who aren’t great to be honest) nearly stopped them. Finally in the final they had only their secondly truly diificult tie. Real Madrid. Then Salah got injured bale scored two karius shit the bed and the Liverpool fans got triggered by Ramos.
    Sorry but it’s true

  3. Man Reus was a refreshing sight for Germany. It’s fair enough to say Sane is the 50% clearance bargain for him. But he was a dominant winger. Like El Shaarawy (think that’s how it’s spelled) on steroids and Redbull

  4. don't know why people are saying Roy Keane because u dident end hallands carer halland played more matches after that and u had to retire because u had an injury in one of his knees

  5. Having a 24 year old (who´s still active & has most of his career in front of him) on a list called "Careers Ruined By Injury" is a joke. There´s hundreds of players they could have chosen from, some of whom are invalids today because of their injuries & they put him on?!!!

  6. * It's tibia not tibula. Some of these examples are quite old. Does that mean things have improved in more recent times? Some of these examples look like true accidents in a risky game, whereas others look like deliberate attempts at injury.


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