Carmelo’s NBA career is ending like Terrell Owens’ did in the NFL | Jalen & Jacoby

Carmelo’s NBA career is ending like Terrell Owens’ did in the NFL | Jalen & Jacoby

Jalen Rose compares Carmelo Anthony’s absence from the NBA to Terrell Owens not being able to land a job in the NFL late in his career because both veterans could attract more attention than teams desire, even in reduced roles.

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  1. With him it's not about how good he is or still is but the atmosphere. This guy is a curse. If melo goes to Lakers they'll have 2 curses. Cousins and melo

  2. Melo is worse than everybody on every roster. He's incredibly slow, he hogs the ball and doesn't shoot a high percentage, he never played defense, he doesn't set picks, he doesn't rebound or pass. All he ever could do was shoot but if he's going to do that at low percentage high volume — well, that's why Houston dumped him. Would the Warriors be smarter to develope 15th man Alen Smailagich than waste a spot on Melo? Of course!

  3. Carmelo Anthony career should not be compared to TO because TO got way more better Hall of Fame career stats and played in the super bowl on the big stage where Carmelo Anthony never did so how smh lol

  4. Jaylens bad at math… that equation doesn't make sense it doesn't equal one bit… carmelo never adjusted his game to the OKC/HOU players and unfortunately BB you play to ends of the court which melo isn't the best nor most willing on the defensive side. He never really found his groove or role not being the #1 option like in NY so he wasnt even efficient. Plus even through all the circus that was around TO from time to time he always produced till the end and the media played a huge role in TO's career turning out how it did, carmelo hasn't had that same scrutiny and bashing as TO did just the standard lack of playoff/final appearances similar to how chris paul was always criticized, his career has gone this way because he chased money and being the main guy not rings.

  5. Melo gotta become better playing off the ball to be a bench player. He hasn’t show he can do that. On okc he would brick wide open catch and shoot 3’s. Teams are not going to run their bench offense through Carmelo. He needs to be more like Vince Carter, slashing and hitting catch and shoot 3’s.

  6. Might be a reality check and time to put the ball down or more accepting of the offers on the table. He never blossomed into the hopeful player to lead a team everyone thought he was capable of doing.. He's got an average game that looks like just enough to get a check and then fall off after he gets it. If they want to compare him to any NFL player.. Deon Sanders. You can tell when they are about to trade them.., because they suddenly start playing better.

  7. Totally disagree. Owens did some boneheaded shit, but he was far better at the sport he played than Melo. People who don't understand basketball (including Stephen A. Smith) defend Melo, but listen to what Phil Jackson, George Karl, and just recently Chauncey Billups said about Melo. Karl said it best when he said that Melo could score better than anyone he had ever coached, but Melo couldn't win–he wasn't a winner. Yep. Owens was a winner when he played.

  8. You wasn't the first JALEN. NO WAY Mike D'Antoni was going to let Melo find comfort in Houston after he got Coach fired in NY. This is why he never gave Melo a chance, not because of his play. He should still be in the Rockets rotation but that was coach D'Antoni's decision that lead to him not making the rotation and getting released.

  9. Who cares? Melo was and is trash! All these players that have a mind set of me,me,me and not team oriented never win shit. Look at cam newton kid is all about how he looks after getting a first down and hasnt won shit, but let's celebrate making a first down though. Cam will go down just like melo and to

  10. Honestlyyyyy there's such a hype and story around Melo now that no team is gonna fuck with him… Honestly the media and interviews screwed him… He should have worked behind the scenes and snuck onto a teams roster… It's a wrap now though…

  11. Here is the problem, Terrell Owens was a cancer, where no one wanted to play him an the owners had had enough of his self an childish ways an Carmelo Anthony, have kept his mouth shut, simply because, that is not who he is as a person, so there should never be any comparing the two…. This wicked move, is all about how the owners r coming together, to blackballed, a (man) that have given his (all) blood sweat an tears, to an organization, that clearly, should be on trial, for mistreating a player, who gave 20 thousands plus, is a direct his on his career, is something that should be delt with, immediately…………..

  12. Bring Melo To MY Cannibalistic LAKERS FAMILY & Bring Terrell Owens To MY Cannibalistic TITANS FAMILY!!! FUCK EVERYBODY ELSE!!! I Am The Black Dragon!!! (RESPECTIVELY)

  13. BAD T.O, MELO Comparisons! T.O Gained Over 100 yards Receiving on a Broken Leg in a Super BOWL! THAT Alone Distinctly Separates him From Melo. WHAT they have in common is being Ringless after long playin Careers!

  14. What do you expect, TO and marsh melo are dipshits. Marsh melo- im not coming off of the bench, cries stomps his feet, hasn't played since. Marsh melo is to dumb, soft and slow to play. TO- was just dumb

  15. The irony of it all. Black players like Iverson, Carmelo, Kaepernick and Owens get blackballed by their leagues yet a player like Ritchie Incognito openly racist gets signed to a team. Modern day high priced slavery. They making sure they’re keeping the black athletes in their place.

  16. Jalen needs to stop trying to blame the league and keep it 100% Melo is not what he used to be ad can not compete at a high level anymore, if the guy agreed to take less money and a reduced role and team's still did not sign him them I may be more inclined to agree. Dude wants top dollar and top minutes but cant perform like the start he once was. The video's of him balling at the gym is not high level competition. Liability on defense and not very mobile on offense he is a liability in the new era NBA.

  17. It’s fucked up how LeBron gets killed for being a dad, but Melo is getting sympathy for not being the right fit and being outspoken about it until now. We have all had Co workers who are rockstars at their job but wanna be managers and it kills the vibe of a shift.


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