Dak Prescott risks losing a huge deal with the Cowboys if he gets injured – Rex Ryan | Get Up

Dak Prescott risks losing a huge deal with the Cowboys if he gets injured – Rex Ryan | Get Up

Rex Ryan says Dak Prescott should take the contract that the Cowboys offer him, but Dan Orlovsky does not think Prescott should agree to less than he wants after his performance in Dallas’ 35-17 win vs. the New York Giants in Week 1 of the NFL regular season.
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  1. why u even bringin that up what that gotta do with anything stfu tryna jinx my qb he gettin his money and we goin to the super bowl in MIAMI BAYBEE💯💯😂

  2. jimmy garropolo played 2 games then broke his collar bone and then became the highest played player in the nfl after only playing 7 games. I think dak is fine, if dallas isn't willing to give him what he want then another team will.

  3. Rex is an unadulterated Racist Yeah Rex ask the Bills.. Im reading the comments Whats is this Haters Hotline. WG dont like it when you F@&* there women and Take there money Because you become a threat to there way of life… Facts.. Oh yeah by the way this is the second WQB Career Dak has either damaged or destroyed.. Pay him his Dam Money If you dont you'll ll regret it.

  4. What kind of fucking take is this? Why even talk about injury? Yes it can happen. But like just negative wishful thinking. Dak is playing for nickels and winning, bringing success that Jerry hasn’t had in a while. Pay Dak.

  5. How greedy can you be, Dak?
    You're team is stacked and paying $40M to the QB will just hurt your chances of winning a SB

    Ffs! You're the QB for the richest sports team in the world!! You have tons of sponsors that pay you MILLIONS more!

    Just take what you deserve but don't hinder your team!

  6. Me personally, I wouldn't pay Dak because his value is overinflated but if Jerry believes Dakota Presscot is the guy, you pay the man cause the last thing you want to do is let him inflate his value more and if he plays bad you still don't get a discount anyway cause some other team in the league will sign him to absurd money and now you're trying to find a QB again. And finding a QB in the draft is pretty difficult especially since Dallas is a good enough team to make the playoffs so they will be picking late in the draft. Or who knows maybe Jerry might trade Dak

  7. Stop taking away from Dak you morons. Thats an NFL defense, he passed for a perfect QBR and 400 yards and 4 TDs. Rex, you couldnt even coach you foot fetishist freak. Neither can your brother. If “any” QB can make those throws, EVERY QB that goes against the Giants this year better put up the same numbers.

  8. If these outside people knew what was going on in dallas. Dak is worth 50m in off the field endorsements and insurance. That's why he isn't in a rush…. 50 MILLION do your research

  9. Rex Ryan sounds like a complete idiot. When he says things like that about Dak that's not based in stats, facts and reality you lose a huge amount of credibility. I guess that's why no one is knocking down his door to hire him again.

  10. The ex coach would not have his QB signed either with his comments. I’m just wanting us to move past this point and both sides come to an agreement. Last thing, that coach couldn’t make those passes in his best dream nor his QBs he had with the Jets.

  11. Allow me to educate you NFL FANatics:

    In REAL LIFE we have ALWAYS been taught to have a backup plan.

    Why doesn't that apply in the NFL? That was rhetorical…

    Let's change the rules for one dimensional QBs- you have to be a pocket passer…

    Logic (life long teachings) would naturally dictate that a versatile (mobile- backup plan) QB is more valuable than one that's not…

    Excuse me ladies and gentlemen….

    What position is the most protected?

    Not even going to go there….

    Plantation and King Cotton would be just across the goal line…

  12. Rex Ryan “ any qb in the nfl can do that” well bud hate to burst ur bubble but ur qbs didn’t make those passes, and most qbs made them
    Against you. That’s y u have no coaching job lol

  13. When Zeke was getting 150 yards per game, it was "Dak can't win without Zeke."
    When he does win without Zeke its, " He can't win without those wide receiver."

    Pretty sure if the receivers sucked, and Zeke doesn't get a hundred yards but still win, they'll say, " But Dak can't win without that front line protecting him…"

    He gets no respect.
    Even after all the stats comparing him to Brady.


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