David Griffin should focus on the Pelicans, not his past with LeBron – Max Kellerman | First Take

David Griffin should focus on the Pelicans, not his past with LeBron – Max Kellerman | First Take

Max Kellerman says New Orleans Pelicans EVP David Griffin “has been telling on himself” by backtracking on comments he made about LeBron James’ desire to win with the Lakers and Ryan Clark adds that Griffin was simply lying by trying to defend himself on The Jump.

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  1. Alot of folks like to have job security and no worries about expectations. Bron coming back to Cleveland brought expectations. Without him they could've had another slow rebuild losing and losing with no expectations to win anything. No media no nothing. Just Kyrie and a non passionate Wiggins to groom

  2. So Dan Gilbert really wanted that pick to draft Sexton over trading it for PG-13 right? Dan Gilbert is the worst ever how do you mess up LeBrons Legacy twiceee

  3. What’s Max is missing, Griffin used LeBron so his Pelicans will be in media talk again.

    They should be the talk after Zion fall to their franchise but the Kawhi, Paul George to the Clips and Westbrook to Houston took the media attention about Zion to Pelicans. The hype died up. With this Griffin take, they on Radar again.

  4. I'm so sure that if Kyrie Irving didn't live Cleveland I'm sure LeBron would still be winning chips there. Since that didn't happen King James went to the franchise he knew would pull great talent and there ain't a place like L.A.

  5. All this talk about LeBron only for him to lose again this season. I’m just looking forward to seeing what coach he fires, what player he trades before the deadline, and what excuses his fans will make when he fails…again. Keep talking him up like he’s still the best. 🤷‍♂️

  6. Them old white GMs don’t like having to serve a black powerful player like Lebron . Let that have been a Larry Bird Dirk type player , I bet he would have never said that

  7. Who cares what he said the Queen will go down as the biggest cry baby in the HOF!!!
    Yes he is difficult to build around & now he has to take his own medicine with what Kawhi did with PG13 & he won’t win another championship!!! Sorry AD!!! You will end up like CP3. Those are facts!!!!

  8. It’s not hard to figure out LeBron been getting his way for 6-7 years now building teams trading players and a lot of drama and he’s only 3-6 in the finals. So Griff is like is all that worth the headache!!

  9. Media asks a question, someone answers, then they have content for hours. "Why is X so obsessed with Y?" Because you asked him a question. If he refused to answer, you attack him. Maybe the next time he should just ask: "what answer do you want me to give you?" And the Pelicans are in better shape than the Lakers right now. Lots of picks, young talent, and they could package some of them together at the end of this season to get someone good. AD could walk at the end of the season, and all that the Lakers gave up was for nothing.

  10. Media is so cruel.. They set him for an interview and obviously asked him about his time in Cleveland. Then, the same media takes something he said completely out of context and now say he should focus on the present. FUCK the media dude!

  11. Don’t think it’s fair to say Lebron went to the lakers for other reasons then winning. Max said he saw clev and knew he could flip Wiggins for a player, and so be a contender for a title. Well look at the lakers now. Lebron saw La and flipped it into AD (and now they have great role pieces). Do they not look like contenders now? Lebron was just patient with it

  12. what if the Allstar Game where Steph Curry didn’t give KD a chance to guard him by doing a Beautiful Bounce high pass that lead to Giannis Ultimate well timed Air Jordan dunk put KD into his feelings.

  13. lol so a man speaks his mind and no one can handle it? Damn dude just wanted a better work environment! he still did his job and just left once he finished. money doesn't control him thats it folks, i know its crazy to some of these materialistic people. btw hop off lbj dik

  14. Think about it like this… As we all said, LeBron was basically the GM. David griffen was just the figure head or the person that has to lie to tgw players to get them to come to Cleveland and when "he" ultimately trades them because they had to get lebron a ring, then he's the bad guy cause bron cant have bad PR. Im sure he thought of all that and still did what he had to do. Lied to players, traded beaucoup players mid season to make the current team better but destroying future relationships, being forced to give jr Smith and tristan Thompson large contracts because they were friends of LeBron. The most powerful player in the league cant really have a GM that's not stressed. Add to the fact that LeBron refused to be locked up long term so you're stressing about him leaving


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