Family races against time to raise $3m to treat son’s ultra-rare disease

Family races against time to raise $3m to treat son’s ultra-rare disease

“No one is going to give you $3m and say, ‘Here you go, cure your boy.'”
19-month-old Michael Pirovolakis has SPG50, an ultra-rare genetic disorder that will eventually paralyse him, but his parents refuse to give up on his future.
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  1. I am sorry, but that is too much for one single person. If we start paying that amount for every person that has a rare disease, the medical system will soon run out of money or the cost for health care will rise so much that most people can't afford it. Resources are not endless, we have to focus on the good of most people first and then divide up what is left to the ones who need extra assistance, but divide it equally, not give one child 3 million because the parents managed to spread his story on the internet. How many more children are out there that need assistance too but they are not seen?

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  3. Like the speciallist has indicated, this is an oppertunity and not a futile attempt! Petition the Provincial government, your MPP or MLA to pay for part of the medical expenses. You seek medical treatment in the US and you are a Canadian, there are provisions in the health care plan to pay for part of the treatment… question really becomes, how much? I will donate through gofundme.

  4. 3 million dollars is a lot for one person… I see a lot of people saying this, however it's not just for one person. The contribution to research can help scientists find cures to other more common things that affect so many more people. Science, research, and cures don't just come out of nowhere. Treatments like this need to be tested and they are expensive. Honestly, it shouldn't take much to find 3 million people to donate $1 towards the name of humanity and cures in general. I don't even find it selfish on the Family's part for asking. I find it Brave of them to allow doctors and scientists to further learn through their child. I am the mother of a special-needs child. Although my son's prognosis is not the same, there is also no cure. We have so much more to learn. I pray they achieve their goal. 🙏

  5. That’s why I’m so grateful to be Australian. This would never happen here. My brother-in-law had a heart transplant that cost almost 1 million dollars including 5 years up to the surgery and 4 years later. He also went through having throat cancer (post transplant) he hasn’t paid a cent. 👍🏼

  6. Hopefully this goes viral. All of the celeb-tards are always so busy focusing on social justice, let’s get some of those idiots to put there money to good use for once. Thoughts and prayers!

  7. 3 million dollars to save just one child


    By this amount of money
    Million of vaccines can be produced to save millions of children


    Genetic disorder in children is due to alcoholism and drugs and late marriage by mother

  8. This is what's wrong with capitalism. If people can't make money from helping others, they won't do it. Shouldn't the government fund the study? How do some people have tens of billions of dollars, more than they could ever spend in their lives, while kids like Michael are dying because they can't afford treatment? It's not fair – it's not a fair system. We need Bernie or Warren in 2020 to change this horribly corrupt and profit-driven healthcare system. What we have now is broken

  9. Where's there faith in God he heals today as he did when he walked this earth, The bible teaches if there's any among you that are sick take them to the elder's of the church they shall anoint there head with oil and lay hands on them and they shall recover. And believe.

  10. Dear parents, I pray for him as hard as I can, I feel you and this helplessness when everybody around wants to give up… suddenly we realize our limits…I have the same encounter…I pray that we are able to raise money..for this research…Ameeeen

  11. I am sorry but I am not going to give 3 million to help one child when 3 million can make a difference in 5 children for the rest of their lives. This is a inherited dieses so they should not have children. Adopt a child


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