Fighting Slavery From Space | 101 East

Fighting Slavery From Space | 101 East

Stretching across India, Pakistan, Nepal, China and Bangladesh, the “brick belt” is a vast area containing hundreds of thousands of kilns that produce countless bricks.

But behind the walls of many of these kilns are slaves – men, women and children forced to work against their will, with no pay and no way out.

They work under the threat of violence, in hot and dusty conditions. If they try to escape, their employers often claim they have debts to repay, forcing them to return.

Chandravati and her four children aged between nine and 20 work at a brick kiln every day. Her children sometimes work at night so they can attend school.

“The owner abuses us, the contractor also abuses us. He says that he doesn’t have money. We are all hungry, our kids are hungry!” she says.

Now activists and academics are using space technology to find the kilns likely using slavery.

Researchers in Britain are using satellite imagery to look for the distinctive buildings, pits and chimneys that signify an active brick kiln with many labourers.

“All of these things give us an idea of the prevalence of slavery activity, bonded labour happening in the kilns,” says Dr Doreen Boyd, one of the researchers.

Once they find a kiln they suspect is using slave labour, the researchers contact local NGOs who help rescue the workers.

101 East explores how satellite imagery is exposing modern slavery.

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  1. Where did humanity goes how do you allow small children to work in such conditions so sad shame on the factory owners. What’s going on between India ?? and Pakistan ?? concerning the Kashmir region

  2. Do they good things. It's sad to see such things that are happening to people. Then Again I thought how about this satellite being used to spy on another country, while being used for other purposes.

  3. Al Jazeera is a propaganda tool of the ruling class….consume with caution! If something is coming across your screen it is only because it has been throughly vetted for your consumption…carefully crafted to elicit an emotional responce to produce a desired effect.

  4. Shocking to see this happen s in our country.. on other hands Politicians & police can do anything with the labourers here .. It was there always .. but body cares or investigate on such cases .. It’s disappointing to see such beautiful young kids suffers without education & food and basic necessities ?

  5. I noticed poor people have lots of children and it’s not entirely their fault because they don’t have any other resources. Most poor people actually think it help to have more children as they can help work and sustain the family. Unfortunately that philosophy is not really effective! I’m not saying this is the only reason to slavery/poverty but I think the government should manage the problem from the core. The Government should educate the people to make responsible and rational decision in making children or control the number of birth according to parents income, or per family, etc.

  6. Shame on Modi and the Indian BJP Government! The fact that its been going on right in front of their eyes, is sickening. Just a few months earlier, thousands of Indian Army veterans started a demonstration, claiming that the government hadn't paid them their benefits for years. Another veterans family found out that he hadn't been paid for over 20 years. They literally forced him to show up to the demonstration. Just unbelievable! Instead finding a solution to help poor and by bringing electricity & waters to 1000 of city's, the BJP government and Modi uses Billions of Dollar on sending rockets to the space/moon. What about paying your veterans their benefits first??? No? When it comes to helping your own people, you always look the other way. SHAME ON YOU!

  7. Those owners should be held accountable and to create an affortable or comfortable living area for those poor workers first if you think the country's economy is the main priority here!
    Other than that, a cow can't see a dog as lesser value from it's perspective.

  8. No brickkiln owner can force them. These labourers took advantage of slavery law . Advance payment are given to them in there bank accounts then only they come from there home .

  9. Yo Al jazeera, slavery by your definition is being committed in Qatar too (your master) in building the World Cup 2022 facilities. Entire Qatar's infrastructure is build on slavery from other Asian countries. How come not a word of these included in this show ?
    Why the double standards ? It only show up your hypocrisy and lack of credibility as a media outlet.

  10. I live in a third world country where child labor is abhorred. Its easy to report too. Because the government has strong laws that are enforced and they put heavy fines on any employer not paying wages and or taxes. They wait with baited breath for someone to report these rich bosses, because they put huge fines on business owners who try to do this. Plus there is no bonding. It should be totally outlawed. Isn't it internationally. We have a group that protects human rights and protects children, and this country is eons younger than India. Its poor and brown, what! I think India is way more educated than this place. They can fix the laws and create enforcement using fines to finance the whole thing

  11. Instead of being proud of pinnacles of goodness and humanity like VSJ, bhaktards who haven't done a single thing for the country are crying and whining in the comments section. With citizens like you who needs enemies.

  12. Why don't they make a sattlelite who can notice a truth or a liar a corrupt or not a corrupt sometime it so hard to believe Alja zeera your channels sometime really funny and clearly we can notice you are fake too

  13. Ther SLAVE LABOR in the USA and I triled of this unjustified kings empiers doing THIS IS NOT A JOKE about THIS SLAVE LABOR SO THE goop can keep THE kills and bricks and mortar for thear on homes and then run run it thim sealf biled a school FOR THE children and then the lady's can teaches and the men shop class can run it thim sealf the village MAKE their on you got get the king to pay thim or the king head is Going to the headhunters the crypt KINGS OF THE crypt judges and the counsmen in the. U.N. nations

  14. The king in this country needs. Two pay thim and sined thim some cattle and then you hand it OVER the the village and the school and the teachers union in this village MAKE THE school and the book keeps on THIS biled thear on homes they going to be payer and GET a free home for

  15. THE CRIMES start at the KINGS OF THE that country and then the comamasmen thin the judges ALL of the thim are crypt go to the king if he don DO war is RIGHT thin the INMATAEL KINGEDO will dill WITH crypt kings and the U.N. nation is cropt tow they the biggest off thim ALL the. Dimenes and jinstoins are to BE wacthed OVER TOW THE CRIMES AIGEST THE POPLE villages this,is the village POPLE and they ouptea it thim sealfs and then MACK ther ON homes and schools tteach this to your kides and the slaves laber FORES is going to stop and the kides will be GAVE BACK TO thim

  16. Thin it going beseased and the kings OVER this county is going TO pay for THIS crimes against the people who are is THE king OVER thim u want his head for THIS crimes against the vilges is not a JOKE about it the BUT the kill or the villages POPLE and they ouptea it thim sealfs

  17. The local economy will rely on these kilns, and where to and what will the workers do?! They should confiscate the kiln and give it to the workers as a cooperative asset, now owned by the workers. All slave run assets should be confiscated.

  18. Slavery will not go away from India. Look at the comments from Indians. They're like "the whole world is doing bad. Look east, look west. Why you're showing us? bla bla bla" not accepting their fault. This attitude will get them nowhere.


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