Gypsy Rose Part 1: Mom says daughter suffered from illnesses and needed wheelchair, feeding tube


Gypsy’s Truth and Lies

In between hospital stays, Gypsy and her mom Dee Dee Blanchard traveled to sporting events, galas and theme parks, and lived in their Habitat for Humanity house.

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  1. This video is a lie. Gypsy can walk and she has no illnesses the only thing wrong with her, is that she needs glasses. She also had a secret boyfriend that she talked to on Facebook and they met up and gypsy told her boyfriend to kill deedee. She is a fake and so is her mom. Everyone in this video is lying. I feel bad for all the people that donated money to her and Miranda Lambert.

  2. Gypsy does not deserve 10 years in jail. That does not mean she didn't help murder her mother. I think that what she did was not excusable, but she does not deserve 10 years. Maybe 5. Gypsy is a survivor of years of abuse. She is happier with her mother dead than she was with her alive. She will need years of therapy and mental help, but gypsy is a survivor and she will make it through. I cant imagine what she had to go through, but i also cant imagine help murdering my mother. Keep in mind, we don't know the full story. We're not her. We can only imagine and hope for her. Gypsy is not innocent, but she's not completely guilty either.

  3. What idiot would believe she actually had these things that could easily be debunked by her doctor, like seriously did the doctor never set up an experiment to test these things out? serious mistake on everyones part for falling for her mothers lies.

  4. She shouldn’t be in jail, she was kept captive for her whole life, her mother kept her on medicine that she didn’t even need, she was a perfect baby, and her mother kept her alone, because the mother was sick!! She does not need to be locked up

  5. You know…. Things just dont add up with all this. How the hell was she in a wheelchair since she was 5? Going to hospitals and being around doctors? That doesn't make sense. Tests would have determined she was faking all that, plus the doctors extensive knowledge of disease. How did all this get past so many PROFESSIONALS?

  6. The first half of her life was taken away by her mother, and just because Gypsy wanted to free herself, the justice system is letting her mother take away the rest of it. Make it make sense

  7. I genuinely dont blame her.. her mother was evil and she literally had no other way of getting out because her mother had her wrapped around her fingers.. how else would she have gotten out of that? DHS did nothing when they check on her.. her mother was fucking crazy and kinda deserved it

  8. I’m so confused on how the mom could just lie to doctors about all these illnesses? And they give her all these medications and kept her in hospitals? After the first test they should’ve known there’s nun wrong

  9. Despite this tragedy, there is a question in my mind, how did this mother fool the doctors? The girl's father must file a lawsuit in court against her doctors

  10. This was and is a horrific story of a sick person controlling a child to live a horror.  How she ever kept her sanity as such…is a miracle in itself.  Is there any other way that she could have for seen freedom?  I am not condoning murder, please.  But in her situation, with her limited reasoning, what else would she see that she could do?  Live?  or upon realizing what actually is happening to her…and how long would it have gone on for?  I really don't think she saw another option.  Being a captive, tortured, physically abused, mentally abused…what would you do….???

  11. Gypsy's mother, a so called mother I'm sorry to say, is an example of combination of every thing horrific objectionable and vile as a human I've ever experienced. Her daughter was her tool for money making and other warped distorted pleasures. I hope some good charity minded organization jumps into action and saves Gypsy from further mishaps, that might turn out to be worse than the type her perverted minded mum had imposed on her own daughter!!!

  12. I don't see a blood chilling murderer that is devoid of emotions when I look at Gypsy. I see a Darling , A flower willing to shoot out and experience a better version of herself!! Her mother, her mother was the sick one not her daughter. Her mother's illness drove her daughter to do the unthinkable. I'm sure she personally wouldn't want to lift a finger on her mum. Gypsy is just a Darling whose desperation took better of her thinking. I feel for her .

  13. if you have seen the act, i suggest also watching “mother dead and dearest” because it really shows how spot on they got everything such as the questionings. it is so horrible that even after all her mother did to her, a lot of people are still against gypsy. first of all, she was a victim of münchausen syndrome by proxy, which means her mother was making up illnesses basically because she wanted money and wanted gypsy to need her. of course killing her may have not been an option, but every time she’d try to run away, dee dee would just end up finding her. i think she shouldn’t have gotten such a long (10 year) sentence. #freegypsyrose

  14. For 12 years my mother told me that I had a heart problem. She said that there was a hole in my heart but that it was getting better as the days progressed. Do you wanna know why she did this?? To get money and attention from everyone around us including our church. What she did was wrong and I don’t think anyone should be treated that way 🙏🏻☹️

  15. She needs to be released into a different type of place as she needs extensive therapy, school and time to heal. Hope she doesn’t get married right after she gets out.

  16. I feel so bad for her. Imagine the trust issues she must have now. The closest person in the world to her lied about her whole life. She doesn’t need jail time she needs help mentally.🙇‍♀️


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