Halo: The Master Chief Collection Shows How Halo Reach is Looking – TrueAchievements

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Shows How Halo Reach is Looking – TrueAchievements

Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Not only that, the entire collection would be arriving on PC as well. In the latest update from 343 Industries, the developers show players howReachis looking across Multiplayer, Firefight, and Customs game modes. There’s also a brief look at the collection’s new progression system, a new game engine, and updates to Halo Insider. You can view the full stream below.
The aim ofReachmultiplayer is for players to have a “robust” choice of playlists that feature the “most unique and definitive” modes and maps. While the team wants to respect the game’s legacy, if they need to change some aspects of the multiplayer to make it fit into the collection then they will do so. At the same time, they want to make sure that it’ll be sustainable for future matchmaking updates. The problem the team is encountering at the moment is a title update that was added toReachnear the end of its lifespan, but which wasn’t applied to all game modes. The update affected reticule bloom, melee shield bleed through, and the behaviour of Armor Abilities. The team needs to unify these settings to make player experience less jarring between playlists, and this is taking time.

There will be two Ranked playlists: Hardcore with MLG V7 map and game variants, and Invasion, which will have three maps but not Invasion Slayer/Skirmish. Sustainment Designer, Dana Jerpbak, went into more detail on the modes they’ll be implementing in the unranked playlists too:

Reach will fit into the existing lineup of game categories in MCC’s social Match Composer. The Slayer category will include DMR (high weight) and AR/Pistol (low weight) variants. Flag & Bomb will include Stockpile in addition to Multi/One Flag CTF and Multi/Neutral/One Bomb Assault. Zone Control will include KotH and Territories. Asset Denial will include Headhunter in addition to Oddball. Action Sack will include modes like Elite Slayer, Dino Blasters, Bro Slayer, Flag Slayer, and Speedpile in addition to Fiesta. Matchmaking will take advantage of the full suite of maps from Reach including those delivered through the Noble, Defiant, and Anniversary map packs. In the case of Anniversary, the current plan is to use the remixed map variants (as opposed to the classic ones) paired with the standard TU [title update] settings.

There will be a “small collection” of Firefight playlists that will be constantly updated and maps rotated. Matchmaking will be on dedicated servers on “a new asynchronous network model”, meaning the experience should be more consistent. Campaign playlists will offer missions per difficulty and LASO variants, as well as “more specific scenarios centered around infantry engagements, vehicle engagements, and more”.

Progression system

The team is also working on a new progression system for the entire collection. As the team looked at modernising the progression system forReach, they decided to add similar options across the board. This means they’re making a clearer distinction between XP and currency. All PVP multiplayer and PvE Firefight matches on dedicated servers will reward XP based on medals earned for teamwork and performance, as well as XP for completing the match. Players will be able to work their way through levels, ranks, and titles.

The Master Chief Collectionwill get a challenge system too that offers daily and weekly challenges that rotate across game modes. More information on this will be revealed in the future. Meanwhile, the collection will also be getting seasons that will offer a unique theme and seasonal rewards. Reaching certain levels or completing challenges will reward seasonal points that can be spent on rewards like armor pieces, Firefight voices, and nameplates. The first season of rewards will focus onReach. All of the seasonal rewards will be new — anything that can be earned in the game before the update is applied will be unlockable in the same way after the update is released. Seasonal points and rewards can be carried over between seasons. Competitive playlists will also be tied to seasons, with rank resets occurring at the start of each season and rewards given out to players who achieve high ranks.

As the team preparesReachfor Insider testing on PC, they are also preparing a build of the game to be shown at E3 next month. We’ll be sure to hear more details on the game there, so stay tuned for the latest info as we get it.

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