Has Mesut Ozil Been BETRAYED By German Players After Racism Scandal? | #VFN

Has Mesut Ozil Been BETRAYED By German Players After Racism Scandal? | #VFN

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  1. When Zac said "soccer" it made sense because he was talking about Association Football in America, they call it "soccer". But Dave was talking about football in Denmark. Why did he say soccer?

  2. He shouldn't have met with Erdogan, duty or not. It's reasonable to be proud of your roots, but the next question would have been if he is so devoted why doesn't he play for the turkish national team or if he has two hearts, why doesn't he just go around meeting german politicians and taking photos aswell. His performances were weak in the national team in the WC.
    These two elements were combined and overhped by the media. Since where it's possible people insert racism, which makes them almost as bad as racists.
    That being said he is a valuable footballers, and he shouldn't let political foolishness interfere with his professionalism.

  3. If someone is African American does that not mean they can have pride in their nation and also pride in their culture and heritage? Of course not so why do ppl say he shouldn't have met the president?

  4. People think it’s only mesut’s fault but fail to realize that statically he was the best player. If you blame one player because you lost and then attack him because his took a picture with the prime minister of turkey is just sad. The German Team as a whole did a shit job not just one person.

  5. Like it or not Ozil was one of if not Germanys best player for a few seasons. He did alot for them and played well for a long time. He chose to step down and for whatever reason it is he made a choice. People need to respect it and move on.

  6. I actually agree with Zach about disliking the lack of promotion and relegation in the United States. My local team, Louisville City FC, won the USL last year, but instead of getting promoted the MLS offered expansion spots to teams in bigger markets that finished lower in the league than them.

  7. Goal Review is nothing but a filler for content. It covers 60% of the video and it’s a complete waste of time. I could google school kids scoring goals and get the same experience. Football daily please stick to football news and dramas that’s interesting please 🙏

  8. Ozil did perform horribly at the world cup, but so did the rest of the team. The picture with the Turkish Prime Minister (if not president) was in my mind a 50:50 decision. I understand that Ozil has Turkish roots, but maybe the photo should of stayed with him rather than having it accessable by the German media. I find it hard to choose sides here, but one thing I know is that the German media (not all, but a lot) outlets were to harsh on Ozil.

  9. First, it's H.C. Andersen, not Anderson. Second, the players offered to play on the old deal, for another month, so they could get the new deal done right. The DBU (Danish FA) refused, and made the replacement team for the friendly. The professionals are back against Giggies guys.
    Look back on the same thing with the ladies national team, and you might see a pattern, of the FA beeing the dicks not the players….

  10. "Not one player shone,"
    – Mate not only did no player shine, there was a whole host of players who were infinitely worse than Ozil:
    Kimmich, Muller, Kroos, Khedira, Kimmich, Boateng, Neuer, Werner, Hummels, Kimmich… Oh yeah. And Kimmich.

  11. Oh zack? The dude who has spoken in videos about being anti speeches when it involves supporting Israel. Of course an sjw would want to be on a video about racism. Bigotry must fly other flags up to distract from its own. Thumbs down right away.

  12. No youtuber came your talking about Brian Mengel Brizze and the best danish futsal player he refused cuz he knew what was going on im danish so i know and glad he said know even tho it would be cool to see him in a real proffessionel football match

  13. the fact that ozil went into detail what happened and gave facts it just shows that 3/4 of the people that comment on him as playing the victim or was wong for taking pic are just going by what the media or everyone that has something negative to say. how can one man not suffer anything have such an bold statement and name names. people just need to give it up

  14. That whole thing about the Danish national team.. it’s easy to assume something, when you don’t know what is going on.. it’s much deeper than commercial rights.. that is simply the biggest issue.. but there is also other problems.. so don’t judge them, before you know the full story..


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