Have Liverpool WASTED Their Best Chance To Win The Premier League?! | W&L

Have Liverpool WASTED Their Best Chance To Win The Premier League?! | W&L

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Have Liverpool let another Premier League title slip by after losing to Man City last week?


  1. The first thing I thought of when I heard of "Teemu Puki" was his fifa 13 card. I'm fairly sure that's the one Joe's talking about. BEAST. He was better than gold cards.

  2. The title, as of right now, is out of City's hands. We dont have to play them again and we have a 4 point lead. Now Im not disillusioned and I have seen our lot crumble too many times to show arrogance. But facts are facts, the title right now is ours to lose.

  3. as a Juve fan, I find it hilarious at how we now have two Arsenal rejects in our XI. What are those guys thinking? I mean Leno and Cech (in the past few years) aren't fit enough to lace Szczesny's boots and Ramsey is massively going to improve Juve as he'll bring some much needed creativity, which no midfielder apart from Pjanic has. Prime example: in the first leg of the 1/4 against Real, Juve couldn't pass the ball. In the second leg, they outplayed Madrid and guess who the MOTM was?

  4. I Love all of the channels you boys take part in EFD, Balls Up, FD. Keep up the great content dont listen to the nonsense fans who dont quite understand the sport yet!

  5. fernandinho isnt citys most important player now. He was the most important player for the past 5 years. Most underrated player along with david silva. How these two get looked over season after season is beyond me.

  6. What are you on about @FootballDaily

    Played 21
    Won 17
    Drawn 3
    Lost 1
    For 49
    Against 10

    It's an absolute joke to have a video titled "Have Liverpool WASTED Their Best Chance To Win The Premier League?" after losing 1 game…. 1 GAME!!

    I thought you were Football experts – PLEASE don't turn into click-bait-bullshit videos along the line of many other YouTube channels.


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