Have Manchester United Agreed £40m Deal With Chelsea Star? W&L

Have Manchester United Agreed £40m Deal With Chelsea Star? W&L

On this weeks Winners and Losers, Zac and Michael take you through the most recent Transfers from around the globe, including Nemanja Matic’s potential move to Manchester United

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  1. Zac was much much confident today as compared to earlier episodes Micheal was also amazing just one thing is he has to look more at the camera than looking down overall good to see new faces.

  2. Inn shaa allah, Muhammad salah will bring a better result, I'm not going to say Liverpool will going win title or CL because we know that's not as easy as like barca or RM or Juv that's because we are lack of defensive talent and another thing is our attacking forward R. Fermino he is good but not as good as CR7 or messi like goal machine but overall we satisfied with the performance. So let's see what will happen next season..!!!!!

  3. The poll on Liverpool winning the title is incredibly trivial. This channel has so many more thumbnails with United in them and talk about them a lot more than Liverpool therefore more people will vote them dowm for winning a title. and there is not one person on the channel that supports Liverpool. I agree, the club that I love hasn't been what it was when my Dad watched them in the 70's-80's. I really hope they can challenge for the title so they can get thumbnails galore and more fans will know this channel exists.

  4. originally I feel martial should have signed for arsenal to begin with…we were never going to sign mbappe, just as much as c.ronaldo isn't going to leave real madrid. chances are that arsenal are either going to sign lacazette or go for martial, we always tend to go for the easier option. I'm more annoyed that Wenger let Chelsea buy Bakayoko, that guy is a footballer of note…with the signings that conte made, I think Chelsea is going to retain the title. Bakayoko's ball control and distribution are flawless, play him with kante and he can even push further up…this is worrying indeed

  5. "Consistently one of the best midfielders in the premier league" (About Matic)

    That's just the compete opposite, Matic has been great at time, but consistency? He was great in his first season, terrible in his second season, terrible at the start of this season, and okay at the end of this season.. No consistency there..

  6. jose is a witty man… he knows he can spend at will… and he's buying players not for a long term but short ones. He does not want to build players. He wants qualitative players and we all know why….. having champions league to play, they'll need good players even on the bench…. that is why he's looking at so many players.

  7. Renato is better for him man utd…mourinho knows how to treat portuguese superstars…and he is a box to box he doesnt know how to play with someone by his side on the miedfield

  8. Juventus have the ultra reliable lichsteiner for the right flank..They can get a young promising right back and maybe break the bank for a proper left back replacement if Sandro leaves

  9. Who the hell would want Costa more than Lacazette. Costa has clearly proven he is an on and off player, unlike Lacazette who is consistant and to add to that, Lacazette is better in most areas of the game.

  10. these boys talked shit the whole video i no im watching this few months after it 1st came out still doh chatted bollocks some of the stats that all the presenters come out with is laughable. talking about Girouds dribbling stats for example he's not that sort of forward


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