Hong Kong airport cancels flights over protests – BBC News

Hong Kong airport cancels flights over protests – BBC News

Hong Kong International Airport has cancelled departing flights, as anti-government protests in its main terminal continue for a fourth day.
Thousands are gathered at the airport – which is one of the world’s busiest.
In a statement, officials said operations had been “seriously disrupted” by the public assembly.
Many of those protesting are critical of the actions of police, who on Sunday were caught on film firing tear gas and non-lethal ammunition at close range.
Some protesters are wearing bandages over their eyes in response to images of a woman bleeding heavily from her eye on Sunday, having reportedly been shot by a police projectile.

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  1. Depite I am from mainland China,I was supporting HK people to crave their democracy. However at this stage, I want to remind or warn those people in HK, don't go too far, don't give Chinese central government an excuse to interfere what you are doing in HK. If they do so, democracy would go further away from you, and don't expect any foreign country would have the ability to stop China. Take care HK.

  2. It's sad to see these people think they're fighting 'for freedom' or whatever chit they're being fed on. If history is any gauge to what's gonna happen in the future, we can see easily that the people are actually helping to destroy hong-kong future (like in venezuela, syria, iraq, ukraine, etc). The chaos and anarchy help nobody and it surely destroys the economy at incredible pace…..any sane investor would not invest in hong kong in the foreseeable future.
    When these young fellows realize what they have done, it would be too late and they have to live with the consequences.

  3. Avoid HK. If you are there, please don't sign anything that the masked men offer you. Avoid group of masked peoples around you, because they will pick your wallet.

    Everybody in hk is literally wearing a mask. This place is becoming pretty hostile

  4. HK teenage protect their city by stopping the metro,attacking police department,throwing national flag into the sea,setting roadblocks on the highway ,throwing napalm bomb at the police and stop airport running,that is how they love HongKong,like a terrorist🙄.

  5. Hongkong protesters are killing protesters are killing hongkong economy. Shanghai, Shenzhen or Singapore will replace hongkong. Hongkong people will pay the price.

  6. Thank u western media for pointing fingers at China ALL the time. You’re actually making us more united than ever. CCP has more support among Chinese people than it had 10 years ago. The outside pressure you’re trying to create is making the inside tougher and smarter.YOU’re a constant reminder to our nation that we have to stay strong together. You’re doing your best to sabotage our prosperity, well i totally understand your motive, but ironically you’re making some of our domestic problem go away.Keep going.


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