Hong Kong protests: Airport cancels flights as thousands occupy – BBC News

Hong Kong protests: Airport cancels flights as thousands occupy – BBC News

The BBC’s Stephen McDonell is in Hong Kong International Airport where departing flights has been cancelled , as anti-government protests in its main terminal continue for a fourth day.
Thousands are gathered at the airport – which is one of the world’s busiest.
In a statement, officials said operations had been “seriously disrupted” by the public assembly.
Many of those protesting are critical of the actions of police, who on Sunday were caught on film firing tear gas and non-lethal ammunition at close range.
Some protesters are wearing bandages over their eyes in response to images of a woman bleeding heavily from her eye on Sunday, having reportedly been shot by a police projectile.
In a statement on Monday, Hong Kong’s Airport Authority said they were cancelling all flights that were not yet checked in. More than 100 flights scheduled after 18:00 local time (10:00 GMT) will now not depart.

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  1. HK government and police are too weak to control the crisis. I lost all confidence on them, no country in the world will tolerate its international airport blocked by protesters.

  2. They are rioters not protestors. Don't you see what they' ve done to the citizens and the polices. Blocking the roads, fight the ordinary people and polices by group force

  3. The brave HK protesters are still going strong! I heard the mainland China riot control police have joined the HK local police in trying to control the protests (in HK police uniform). Whether true or not, this will not defeat the HK protesters.

    You can already sense the mood on the ground. The gilets jauness (yellow vest) protest in Paris are not supported by the broader French people. In HK, the broader people support the HK protests albeit they want the protests to be peaceful. The HK people want reforms on the political oppression and repression currently meted out by the traitorous HK govt. Carrie Lam has breached the dam and there is no going back. The current traitorous HK govt is finished.

  4. The protesters are a bunch of terrorists. If you live in Hong Kong and see them with your own eyes you will understand how horrible this black mob is. The police is doing their job to protect the Hong Kong people.

  5. thx for the new definition of “pro-democracy”. I now realized that democracy means destroy a prosperous life of the protesters and other ordinary hk citizens’. It’s so good to know that democracy means violence and anarchy 🙂

  6. next week they will be reporting how 1000s of these protesters have gone missing.. or they wont bother, since they did not report the 100s already missing from previous protests

  7. Yes, at the moment they are peaceful at the airport. But they are definitely not peaceful in the city where they thrown petrol bombs and bricks into police stations, blocking roads and attacking the police and members of the public. How would you like it if this happens in your city? Can you tolerate it when it is happening every bloody day?

  8. HK people, fight for your freedom, fight the communist pigs for your rights, never give up. Much love and respect from america, Fight on my brothers and sisters. Fight for your home.

  9. Dear British people, please help out by sending a letter to your MP (just need to fill in postcode etc on that website and the letter will be sent to the relevant mp). Details below:

    Will Britain hold China to its promises under the Joint Declaration to protect our rights and freedoms?
    Watch the following animated video explaining the Sino-British Joint Declaration, for ease of sharing with our international friends and allies:

  10. Hong Kong is an ex-UK Trading Post. It is the property of Beijing China.
    I support China on this one because China rejects child rape.
    But here in UK the Establishment, the Judiciary, The Masons, the House of Lords (except one honourable man Lord Pearson.)
    the House of Commons, Big Corporations, the BBC, the Bankers all refuse to condemn child rape.
    I wrote letters to the Police in Roherham enquiring why they allowed Islamic rape gangs to rape children for 20 years, but I got no reply.
    I have worked in China and I commend the Beijing Chinese Government.
    These Hong Kong riots are created and paid for by New World Order Banks ..the USA- CIA, the UK..M15 and a variety of criminal Cabals,
    Free Tommy Robinson…all he did was make public Islamic child rape in the UK.
    And in west China the heroic Chinese people have sentenced 2 million Islamic Uighur Rapists to re-education centers.

  11. These are rioters not protestors. British government please take care of your unfinished business by bringing them back to UK. HK don’t need these self-absorbed, spoiled, disillusioned young people. They are ruining Hong Kong.

  12. illegal unaurthorised protest and causing riot for weeks and you guys still call them protesters? thank you BBC, while they at airport please be kind and give them free ticket back to England to their true home. Since they not Chinese please destroy their Chinese passport, we don't want these waste of space take our prison. please! begging you guys please! please! I said please 3 time can you just do it?

  13. I betcha it smells like 🍌🍌🍌🍌💩💩💩🍌🍌🍌💩💩💩🚾🚾🚾🚾🚽 🚽🚽🚽🐒🐒🐒🐒💩💩💩💩💩🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 in that 💩hole.

  14. BBC is a liar. Cause the woman bleeding heavily from her eye on Sunday was shot by a protester, which has been verified by the nurse who gave her treatment on that day. Her x-ray film can tell the truth, but the injured refused to go to the police. If so, everybody will see the x-ray film and justice will be served.

  15. Meanwhile you have families with starving babies, tired elderly people, and hundreds of sleep deprived travellers who are stuck there and are starving, because protesters ate all the airport food to fuel their self righteous crusade, after which they can go home feeling better about themselves, have some hero sex and have a nice sleep so they can get up tomorrow to rinse and repeat.

  16. The undercover of the policemen dressed up black T-shirts and wore masks and goggles to mingle with the protesters. They created the disputes inside the crowd and beat the protesters for riot police to arrest the protesters. The Police officer also shot the eye of a female protester. How evil they are!


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