Hong Kong protests disrupt airport for second day – BBC News

Hong Kong protests disrupt airport for second day – BBC News

Flight check-in has been suspended at Hong Kong International Airport for a second consecutive day because of anti-government protests.
The airport, which is one of the world’s busiest, has been the site of protests for five consecutive days.
Videos on social media show passengers struggling to get through demonstrators, who have been sitting inside blocking departures.
The city’s leader, Carrie Lam, earlier issued a fresh warning to protesters.
Ms Lam said Hong Kong had “reached [a] dangerous situation” and that violence during protests would push it “down a path of no return”.
As crowds continued to gather, Hong Kong airport officials announced that all check-ins were suspended from 16:30 local time (10:30 GMT) on Tuesday.

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  1. Why aren't American right wingers applauding the actions of the police? After all, they celebrated police actions in Ferguson, Missouri so that if they are consistent in their principles they should happily applaud the same here.

  2. One confirmed Chinese report got abused by some of these protestors last night. That's too much, they should stop their violent behavior.

    You shouldn't hit someone just because of he is a Chinese citizen. The real democracy teach us to respect each other's opinions. You can disagree with someone, but forcefully make someone agree with you it's totally bully, just like Chinese Community.

    What happened to the Chinese reporter last night it's just like what happened in China back in 1960s – 1970s, it's Cultural Resolution style violence, not democracy.

  3. the shitingzens suck are most poorest in my sights and in my mind! NOT BE CLOSE WITH ANYONE BY MY HONG KONG NATIVE EXPERIENCE OVER 50 YEARS! I support always the freedom rationales of whatever and reasonableness in a mixed global economic systems and complex, in a country where imposing no/low tariffs with few restrictions on investments, free flow of foreign exchange, less control with real good and reasonable things enacted in corresponding norms acceptable proofs matter all! Notwithstanding that this is not suitable to all countries in particular those with less or lower education and late developed features, systems and / or the tradition or cultural natives therein. Increase personal tax allowance, unutilized personal tax allowance balance can be carried forward infinity to set off future higher taxable income, full tax deduction for qualified charity donations without upper limit, sales tax imposition, tax refund to taxpayers of tax paid as occasional incentives, full exemption of profits tax for manufacturing profit from sale of goods manufactured outside Hong Kong SAR pursuant to tax law while having a certificate of product origin prevailed under my own opinion, cut devils and investigate deeply and seriously against bad current or non current civil servants tax officers and any their direct or indirect associates such the wicked devils ! Protests against ICAC for INTEGRITY retrospectively since the set up of ICAC! Without having heard or known the financial budget from Paul Chan, all points suggested by me are my own opinions. Those who are experienced with the Hong Kong taxes and I "guess" they must know how unfairness re the Hong Kong "systems" with "former / current tax officers" their advantages / connection to work in CPA firms, the unfair non-full tax deduction for donations to qualified charity organisation, not aligned in prevailing tax law and unfair legal judgement in taxing manufacturing profits! I don't know why my comment on this in other youtube channel was not shown and deleted such as in SCMP re Paul Chan's financial budget highlight for 2019/2020 ! In addition, tax refunds to tax payers are more reasonable to any refund to any unqualified people, not to any other non-taxpayers! My stances in fighting the against the greedy and jealous hatred people such as the greedy, civil servants (current or not), poor, bad people are supremely reasonable due to their bad attitudes, bad personalities, greedy, ridiculous, cheaters, terrible, disgusting jealous hatred personalities!

  4. The Hong Kong mafia are the #1 "underground protesters" vs extradition
    law. If you are alaw abiding citizen, you have nothing to fear. But the
    HK mafia know they'lll surely get executed or jailed once they are
    turned over to mainland chna. Their huge wealth, influence which they
    have in HK won't mean a thing in mainland china. But their support of
    protests vs extraditionmay backfire on them. Why? because mainland china
    now canuse "unrest, economic instability" in HK as theis reason for
    occupying HK.

  5. Please don’t laugh, Hong Kong has democracy and is a lawful city. Hong Kong protestors are peaceful, they only fully covering themselves, biting off people’s fingers, dig up people’s graves, randomly kicking people to half death, blocking airport and tube.💀 If police shoot them, that is murder or attempt to murder. If protesters kill police or other people that’s their freedom! In the name of freedom and democracy, how dare anyone stop them! 😇

  6. Why protestors wear masks? Only people who think they are not doing the right thing wear masks. Wearing masks makes them feel that they don’t need to take responsibility of their actions…

  7. Two Chinese mainlander were hit by the black men, it is only because one of them hold a T-shirt with the characters of I love Hong Kong police….It’s not demonstration it is Terrorism organized by US. Because demonstration will not do Violence.

  8. Regardless of your thoughts about the demonstrations, it is merely a symptom of the accumulated frustrations of the people regarding the mismanagement of the country, that has allowed excessive influx of wealthy mainland investors messing up the already saturated housing market, and more. It is merely a symptom, a cancer (CCP), that had afflicted the nation of people, who had already quietly endured for for too long and now simply couldn't take it anymore, and especially seeing no hope of any possible change with their leader being merely a CCP puppet.

    So the question of whether the protests/riots are right or wrong is the wrong question to ask.

    The protests and the desperate disruptions, and the anger, are bound to happen no matter what given the situation. The more the CCP suffocates the people of their voices (by removal of their democratic freedom to choose their own leaders, and to see positive changes as EVEN a possibility), eventually, they are gonna start reacting and fight back for their own lives and country, or at least for that out-of-reach "hope", sooner or later.

    The cracks have already been forming for many many years. And how it has merely broken by the latest news of the CCP's extradition laws, through their puppet installed in Hong Kong.

    Bottom-line is that Hong Kong's democracy was already destroyed, and the people seeing no hope of a change, knowing that they do not even have a say on their leaders anymore, and election is all just a farce installed by the communists in mainland, just as a just a layer of control.




    #CCP #CPC #Corruption



  9. these rioters are made up of mostly teenagers who just wanted to fit in i bet most of them don't even care about what they say they are fighting for. this is almost like the young kids in america joining gangs just to fit in.

  10. This is just selfish. Yes you have a voice to be heard by the public, yet it should not be at the expense of innocent travellers. People passing by may need to see a family member in hospital, may be rushing for a vitally important business deal… If democracy told you there's no other way but to harm others to achieve your goal, we might as well abandon this fake democracy, because you just threw your humanity away.

  11. Reading most of these comments are disheartening. You have New York Police Officers getting doused with whatever type of liquid (water???) And can't respond to it. Then you have the inner cities in shambles run by thugs. The U.S. should take a long hard look at itself and fix it's issues before criticizing Hong Kong uniting for democracy.

  12. to me, this is nothing about a protest for democracy. its is all about violence, stupidity from these students and destroy their own hometown. if they do not have the freedom and democracy, they would die already for being a riot, for protesting. i dont understand what are they fighting for anymore especially by hurting the innocent. shame on them.

  13. Why are some protesters students in high school? even students in junior high??
    Having children as protesters….
    Attacking police….
    Interrupting the public transportation…
    This is not a peaceful demonstration!

  14. Omfg the UN commissioners Re sitting insdie an office making statements
    Seriously go there and the these bastarda you are a police officer or pro China and police and you will know what is human rights.
    They need to get out more and see it themselves
    Children strained in the airport and they refused to let them through
    Human rights?

  15. Killing innocent people and attacking police is democracy??? Well well well they are just beinh used by western countries to force mainland china to use the troop and then to sanction china as they wish:)


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