Hunting for ‘the world’s purest water’ – BBC News

Hunting for ‘the world’s purest water’ – BBC News

Selling water harvested from icebergs is big business on Canada’s eastern coast.
But there are concerns over Arctic warming, with an increasing number of icebergs floating south from Greenland.

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  1. if its gonna melt anyway then how is this damaging? the way I see it is that this stuff wasnt going to go to good use anyway so we may as well make commerce out of it – well done us humans i suppose

  2. I just don't understand people who pay money for what falls out of the sky and comes out the ground and now it's icebergs
    I find the whole thing ridiculous maybe one day I could sell my piss and some idiot would buy it for $25 a bottle

  3. i need to come up with something to sell dumb rich people. i swear the rich only buy shit because it's expensive. far from pure water when you have gun powder and lead in it. 😀

  4. Just look at the 'news' the BBC is pushing. You would think that nothing important was happening. I would have thought a Royal up to his ears in a sex trafficking ring was slightly more in the public interest than the drivel the BBC is claiming to be news.

  5. Because you don't give the public a chance to respond. Donald Trump thew Epstein out of his golf course for groping a women. Much like your prince Andrew groping women. Thats not from you lying morons that from court evidence. The BBC has been hiding the pedophilla of the royals for years don't trust anything they tell you.

  6. What happened 11/8 in Hong Kong
    (Hongkonger need more attention plz share)
    All the police did!!!👇🏽👇🏽
    1.Shooting bean bag bullets directly to a female protester's eye, causing permanent blindness
    2. Planting fake evidence on protesters (putting sharp bamboo into protester's backpack)
    3. Disguise as demonstrators to take the lead
    4. Launching tear gas canisters in MTR subway stations at civilians
    5. Launching tear gas canisters outside of the elderly home and nearby residences
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    7.Pushing down civilians on the elevators in subway station
    8.Allowing gangsters chasing up and beating protesters and civilians on the street

  7. I haven't watched this video yet, I want to try and guess the purpose of all this purest water thingy. They going to sell it as bottled 'purest' water to the rich?…. let's now watch.

  8. Psychologists and psychiatrists give British man manufactured schizophrenia.Still wasting money on that crap.Boring boring poor science straight from the telephone exchange.To steal a human life by corruption in the establishment abusing human rights.These psychiatrists and psychologists are human rights criminals.

  9. really Cool way to make money and NO the Arctic is NOT going to melt this is called WEATHER as my gramps still calls it NOT Global warming or Climate Change. That is what the sad greedy people want us to roll over and believe it and cause PANIC and FEAR so FUCK THEM ALL we will be just fine and my grandkids will be fine too as every generation has difficulties to overcome. We need to focus on LIVING~

  10. People actually pay the prices for a bottle of water? If they want to waste their money that's their choice and got to 👏 the person who thought of this idea obviously they're doing well for themselves 👍


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