India celebrates independence day

India celebrates independence day

India celebrated its Independence day on Thursday as the restrictions and a communications blackout continue in Indian-Administered Kashmir, since the region’s autonomy was revoked last week.
India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi used the independence day celebration to emphasis how the change in status will benefit everyone, including Kashmiris.
Al Jazeera’s Faiz Jamil has more from New Delhi.

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  1. Remember outsiders,,,Kashmir is and will part of india till eternity….There is no power which can separate india from kashmir ,,,,,,pakistan has faught 4 wars from 1947 but all it loose,,,,,

    So stop day dreaming that your dirty coward nation pakistan will ever separate us from our rightful territory in ongoing 1 lakh years

  2. Celebrating the Independence day while made many innocents persinor Shame on his she male act. Freedom perhaps for Hindus only not for others in this so called democracy in India….. shame shame shame shame shame shame shame india shame

  3. Wow so stupid of india, in what age is India living still in 1950 ? What a childish move from India, let them be free India is big enough for its people. Now i see how bad Indian government is.

  4. India achieved remarkable achievement !!!!! " Indian Tea maker Scientist Modi " over the night made biggest Jail on Planet Earth & sucessfully shut millions & millions humans in it …. Congratulations to all Indians ……

  5. Butcher of Gujrat allow the Indian army for genocide killings of kashmiries…..after passing 13 days 1.4 million kashmiries are dying with hunger and indians are celebrating shameful indipendence day….

  6. Celebrate what? You are no longer the slaves of the British but the slaves of Israel… your owners have changed, and that’s what you really celebrating lol

  7. Aljazeera is just covering this story based on India cruelty. Why dont they have a story how the Islamic terrorist in Pakistan terrorize Kashmiri. Aljazeera Muslim bias network


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