Inside the street battles for Mosul – BBC News

Inside the street battles for Mosul – BBC News

In the east of Mosul, street to street battles are raging. The BBC’s Middle East Correspondent Quentin Sommerville reports on the stiff resistance from IS who are fighting back with sniper fire and suicide bombings.

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  1. bande d'enculés de daesh d'islamistes de merde.On vous fera tous la peau, un par un. Ne revenez pas dans vos pays d'origine saloperie, on vous fera la peau. Vous êtes déjà morts saloperie. Vous êtes coincés .

  2. Iraqi people stand up! Fight back for your home. These ISIS are enemies to every human being on this earth, and even Satan……..All ISIS must get in line and answer to Satan, not Allah…………RIP to the man that was shot trying to live a normal life. To his brothers, pick up arms and revenge your brothers death!!!

  3. Turkey will surely pay their price sooner or later for their ignorance against their own brothers. For syria, irak and all the others who are losing their innocent people in the middle east because our god damn so mighty and powerfull country "turkey"
    is busy with their fuking leader fighting their own fuking citizens cuz they cant build a dictatorship as easy as they wanted to cuz the rightous people try to stop them from wasting time to support criminal goverment business.. BUT HEY im just another brainwashed moron who doesnt know shit am i right ? cuz inflation is also just a false rumor isnt it all just lies right….

  4. This is what happens when you let people like Bush, Blair and the rest of the western world do what their want… do not expect to find a generation of happy and hopeful people. The Child who is now crying in his dad's arms will be the one who will blow himself up and kill your son in a few years… I can guarantee you that !

  5. US and other countries are responsible for the chaos and not able to provide a stable life for these people, Humanity is dying, Imagine If this happens to their neighbors or family . It's very heart breaking children's dying.

  6. Did the west cause this kind of carnage or isis? It was the coalition who bombed raqqa and mosul with no regard for human life. I am disgusted by the way the westerners act like the victim. The kurds and the us coalition need to be punished very very hard.


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