Is Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid’s Greatest? | #FDW

Is Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid’s Greatest? | #FDW


#FDW returns after an action packed weekend of football, with Marcus being joined by our regular Laurence McKenna and Talk Norwich City’s Jack Reeve to discuss if Ronaldo is Madrid’s best ever, Chelsea’s meltdown, Anthony Martial’s explosive arrival and much more!


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  1. Walcott at a mid table team that counter attacks would own the league, but on a team that needs to play possession barsa light football, he can get more joy n 2nd 1/2 as a sub or a winger n starting spot.

  2. Di Stefano obviously has the better legacy. Without Di Stefano Real Madrid would have a far smaller history. Not to mention Di Stefano almost joined Barcalona. This in fact is one of the original reasons why Barca fans and Real fans have a beef with eachother. I do think there are other reasons as well but when I once saw a documentary about Di Stefano it even claimed that Di Stefano is the sole reason why these 2 clubs hate eachother. So imagine if Di Stefano had won 5 EC for Barca instead. Ronaldo might not even have joined Real at all.

  3. Ronaldo is an amazing player. But like they said in the video, championships matter in a way. He is the best, but since he didn't win as many champions and league titles, he isn't getting recognized as the best Real Madrid player in history. Seems like he needs to win more in order for people to recognize him like that.

  4. Tap in master! Ronaldo is good but he's not on the level that Messi is in I mean Messi scores 5 in a champions league match and scores hat tricks against Real Madrid! Not to mention Messi wins trophies!!

  5. chelsea/ …outside of the transfer period during the season there isnt much in football to talk about other than weekly results, lets not forget liverpool had a run of 2 months on top and still didn't win it, arsenal were on top during winter period and collapsed, if chelsea win it where its still possible with 8 months to go we'll forget this episode.

    Martial/ …..martin skrtel made an assist with that goal, no top 4 club defenders should be backing off outside the box for a teenager. his loosing his reputation for being ruthless.

    im hoping rodgers switches to 3 at the back with 3 attackers, return of sturridge, insert origi provide more final third support/options for firmino cant allow him to drift from beginning good form.

  6. casillas and raul by far the most loyal players in real…….raul had a nice send off……casillas deserved better in his send off…….florentino perez is tuining madrid….but madrid are looking fierce this seasom

  7. United fans need to calm down. Yes Martial had a great debut, i think he will be a good player…with time and experience. After all he is only 19. He came on for 20 minutes and scored a fantastic goal but now i feel that United fans are setting there expectations so high for this kid. If he doesn't reach them there will be allot of unhappy fans.

  8. Real Madrid's greatest? LOL he's done fuck all except try to boost his own individual achievements. Scoring tap ins and penalties against espanyol does not make you the greatest, helping your team win trophies does.

  9. ronaldo scores so much in a single game against shitty teams that arent as good as others but he wont scored 5 goals agaisnt a well formed team like barca and other teams that actually do good

  10. United Ronaldo is more better then Real Madrid Ronaldo. He played better and played in a harder league and won more trophies. His goals at Madrid is insane but he played much better at United. A winger to score 33 goals in the pl is insane in 07/08 plus most of the time he played on the right because his left foot was as deadly as his right. Ronaldo is the Superman of Football.

  11. 3:35 "Jordan has five rings".. Kobe Brant has 5 rings. Jordan has 6. he won three straight championships twice. 1992-1994 and 1996-1998, in 1995 he was playing Major league baseball for the Chicago white sox which is why he didnt win it that year. other wise hed have 7 straight titles

  12. i dont see this show for a long time, sorry about that, i love it but now i have so many channels subscribed in youtube that i forgot about some channels. Ronaldo is he the best real madrid player, in his position yes, maybe not the best ever

  13. Although I respect Ronaldo and his goalscoring achievements, it is important to recognise that many of these goals haven't not proven to be decisive in the outcome of the most important games. His goal ratio is outstanding but that doesn't win you titles in a TEAM game, the way I see it Messi plays for Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Cristiano Ronaldo. Saying that, in an era without Messi, Ronaldo would probably have all of the team success to match his individual achievements.

  14. chealsea has a good team but all the players are in bad form, i don't now but in English league teams buy too much players and they don't care about them, and then teams expend so much many that no one can't spot think about it and bad look that it gives to football, when so many people is fighting to get food and better life quality it's just too much for me

  15. liverpool team is a bit boring, but they had very hard games at very early stage of the championship that you have to be patient to sea what brender rogers can do with his players, it will take time but if was a liverpool fan , i would be patient or next season buy a good manager ( i would sugest klop, he can get using young players )

  16. Real Madrid all time top 10 scorers :
    10. Amancio – 155
    9. Emilio Butragueño – 171
    8. Pirri – 172
    7. Paco Gento – 182
    6. Hugo Sanchez – 208
    5. Puskas – 242
    4. Santillana – 290
    3. Don Alfredo Di Stefano – 308
    2. Cristiano Ronaldo – 318
    1. Raul Blanco – 323

  17. I don't agree with Laurence. Real Madrid is not build around Ronaldo?
    Ronaldo winger? Play is totally build around Ronaldo, actually they are overdoing that's why they are in shadow of Barcelona for years.
    Every cross, every pass, every attack, everything Real Madrid does finishes with Ronaldo oin penalty box.. Just look at how many times Bale, James, Modrić.. sent perfect ball to Ronaldo, at least 5 times per each game. Now take i count Ronaldo shots 7 times per game.

    They are quite opposite from what you said. They seems like they care only about Ronaldo and his stats, not about team as whole. Football is no basketball. Football is played by 11 players, it's not one man show, it's team sport, saddly Real Madrid thinks individual talent can win them thropy.

    Look at that those 5 goals, first goal, Modrić ball is better than goal itself, penalty, 3rd goal, Bale's perfect cross. Great reaction from Ronaldo again. He is quite brilliant in penalty box, but he is nothing without that cross from Bale, 4th goal That's striker's position, Benzema's position. He literally steals him goals like that. You guys are not even aware of how good Benzema is because he can't get chance next to Ronaldo. 5th goals same thing.

    Almost every Ronaldo's goal happens after his teammates masterpiece or crazy good passes, and in many cases he literally steals goals from Benzema. He is camping in penalty box for that crazy cross to come and it always come because he plays with incredible players.

  18. There is no other way I can summarise this, we are witnessing 2 Superman's!! Ronaldo does not get the respect he deserves because history has a way of telling us that there has to be 1 guy at the top and in this scenario there are 2. You only have one Michael Jordan or Pete Sampras right?! Ronaldo will be one of the greatest ever players of all time s will Messi when we look back at them, I'm just glad we have lived in their era.

  19. Ronaldo is real greatest goal scorer but not real greatest player. In this order IMO
    1 Di stefano
    2 Casillas
    3 Raul
    4 puskas
    5 gento
    6 guti
    7 Bernabau
    8 sanchis
    9 hierro
    10 Sanchez

    Ronaldo simply hasn't done enough with real. Before you stake me for being a Messi fan, I'm not, personally I don't understand how Messi and Ronaldo have a claim to be the best of all time

  20. Depends how you look at it, Ronaldo are easily the 2 greatest to play football for at least past 3 decades. Some will say Ronaldo is the greatest of all time (most will say Messi I know). But in terms of what he has done for Real Madrid, no he is not there greatest. For example, Cantona didn't do much for Man Utd in terms of longevity but there is a reason why he is considered United's greatest ever player, because of his undenialable impact; possibly the main reason a player had such a positive effect of SAF legacy. Shame Real fans are so fickle, they can't appreciate the masterclass Cristiano has given them

  21. All that said if he was in the prem he would only score 30+ but 40- which is amazing but it is not fair to compare the laliga with the prem. As in laliga there is only one game that counts (elclasico) and in the prem there are many more

  22. i would only comment if messi does d same wid any oder club be his local club.. messi is natural ba cr7 is supernatural.. dont wanna offend anybody just what i think abt having personal hardwork.. respect messi love CR7 🙂

  23. when it comes to Ronaldo I know he is the best of all time he is the only 1 who has to play in teams were other players are miles away from him and still be a star. we all know how messi flops when he plays for his country. don't hate the player enjoy the follow messi is a coward and a disgrace to Argentina, but yet a demi god in Barcelona well that tells the whole story.


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