IS ‘losing ground’ in Falluja – BBC News

IS ‘losing ground’ in Falluja – BBC News

The Iraqi military has announced that its forces have retaken the main government compound in Fallujah from Islamic State (IS) militants. A government offensive to recapture the city started almost four weeks ago. Jonathan Beale joined the Iraqi army’s quick reaction force on the edge of Falluja.

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  1. I really hope that they collapse but I'm scared if they will increase their coward attacks because they want to prove their selves in front the world that they are here. Inshallah they will be terminated soon.

  2. I wish they would disable comments on these videos it's just so sad of all of you doing that it's just disgraceful I wish there was no war PERIOD wish everyone can be equal and we won't have to fight all the time I'm just getting sick of it.

  3. Send all of those ISIS asshats to paradise. Damn, they (ISIS) truly are cowards when faced with a military that fights back. Too bad their moronic leader, Al Bagdahdi, was only wounded.

  4. Its ironic how people in the west celebrate the fact that Iraqi nationals are destroying IS, yet don't want the same Iraqi nationals as refugees in their own countries.

  5. Isis fighters have stopped getting money, stopped getting sex slaves, stopped getting food, stopped getting reenforcement and, have been ordered to kill their own civilians. Why on earth would they continue to fight? Its pretty clear that God is not on their side.

  6. ISIS members should be tortured and killed in brutal as a justice of humanity. Cut off a eye or too stab it and kill it slowly not a quick death. As it would be too soft


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