Jeffrey Epstein: Questions raised over disgraced financier’s death – BBC News

Jeffrey Epstein: Questions raised over disgraced financier’s death – BBC News

The FBI has opened a formal investigation into how US financier Jeffrey Epstein was able to apparently kill himself in prison while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.
His body was discovered early on Saturday at a facility in New York.
Last month Epstein was found semi-conscious in his cell after an apparent suicide attempt.
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said it “way too convenient” that Epstein could no longer incriminate others.
“What a lot of us want to know is, what did he know?” Mr de Blasio, who is also running for the Democratic presidential nomination, told reporters in Iowa.
“How many other millionaires and billionaires were part of the illegal activities that he was engaged in?
“Well, that information didn’t die with Jeffrey Epstein. That needs to be investigated, too.”

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  2. Come on BBC wake up for once do some reporting do some research can I say proper Journalism look at the facts the evidence it's all right in front of you, please do some homework!!! Ah your not allowed to your fake news just like your cousin's your puppets doing what your masters say. One day you will tell the public what they should be hearing not what you want them to hear, and tell the truth…… I am one person at home and I've done more than what you the bias boardcasting communist have done, follow the money follow the flight's follow the party's follow the people want more hints, or are you too scarced what people will find out and realise how many lies you have made. I can go on and on but I think it's a waste of time ,I am a wake sheep no more in the light hopefully more will be soon. WWG1WGA

  3. Will the BBC be asking for an interview with Prince Andrew? The Prince and his friend the late Mr Epstine obviously shared some common interests and hobbies. It would be interesting to hear from the Prince.

  4. SCUMtrump ordered and colluded to DISAPPEAR/SUICIDE epstein because he doesnt want to be exposed as a PEDOPHILE himself.

    Epstein was TRUMPIFIED, NOT Hillaryied.

    Trump's body count.

  5. I love how the ultra wealthy guys got together and decided it would be perfect to blame bill clinton. Trump was a much closer man to Epstein than Clinton and is using him and his cronies as a distraction to get the 2020 nomination.

  6. Fun fact: the photograph of Epstein and Prince Andrew used in this report was taken in Central Park, New York City, AFTER Epstein's release from prison. Why was a senior member of the Royal family consorting with a known pedophile?

  7. Quite telling how the BBC and other news organizations spin this. Nothing but video and pictures of Epstein and Trump the few time they were together but nothing about Bill and the many trips with Epstein on his private plane. So there was a camera pointed at his cell door, wonder if we'll ever see footage or know of anyone else coming or going from his cell at the time of his suicide. think it's

  8. Just keep pushing the wire on thoes connections…..Banks,young kids trafick….idsay this guy was a information pit to destroy allot of powefull people…KEEP LOOKING…Revenge the people that they make suffer…

  9. It's comical listening to the Jimmy Savile network attempting to take the moral high ground. I'll wait until the full investigation is over thanks. We don't want another farcical Fake News BBC Russian collusion tall tale again. We don't need another 2 years of the BBC Fake News propaganda unit pushing absolute garbage again. I'll be watching "Judicial Watch" for the real news. Can't believe people still take these clowns serious.

  10. you don't know when you'll leave this earth! you can go today,tomorrow even right now!Jesus is the only one who can give you eternal life!!! Believe in Him and you will be saved!!!

  11. The British people are forced to pay the BBC for a tv licence and if not go to prison .meanwhile we watch as they ignored pedophilia in their presenters like Jimmy savile, members of parliament and now prince andrew while calling us conspiracy nut jobs .. The BBC is rotten to the core and not to be trusted as they've hidden these pedophilia in the upper class society's for decades 🤬

  12. Trump did not have to fly with Epstein because he has his own aircrafts, that does not make him less of a creep. I am sure everyone that knew
    Epstein, knew what he was up to. So even if they did not participate in his orgies and pedo ways, they for sure turned a blind eye which makes it just as bad. Sorry Kelleyanne your man is not innocent on this one. They are all gross!


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