Jeffrey Epstein’s death behind bars raises questions about investigation, NYC jail | Nightline

Jeffrey Epstein’s death behind bars raises questions about investigation, NYC jail | Nightline

The accused sex trafficker was found dead of an apparent suicide on Saturday. Attorney General Barr said Epstein’s case would continue and that he was “angered” by the jail’s “failure” to secure him.

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  1. …Occam's razor (or Ockham's razor) is a principle from philosophy. Suppose there exist two explanations for an occurrence. In this case the one that requires the least speculation is usually correct. Another way of saying it is that the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely an explanation – **SO YOU SHOULD ALREADY FUCKING KNOW THAT THE CLINTON'S HAD A HAND IN KILLING THIS SON OF A BITCH**

  2. Epstein had the dirt on everyone, and yes bill Clinton too! and even a prince from the UK! Epstein is jailed in the same place that EL Chapo was at the only difference is EL Chapo wasn't talking!

  3. Those fucking bitches are worried that they won’t get any money. Justice had been served he is dead and now it’s time to get over it. Good for him he killed him self before letting the prison system claim his life.

  4. I can't say anything good about these girls! who now most likely belong to the me-too movement which means! get paid! they knew what they were getting into, party with the rich perves, get paid $$$$$.

  5. Don't blame Trump. He knew Epstien helped co fund the Clinton Foundation. They helped Obama's. Both running sex trafficking ring's and Drug's through the Cartel's as well as gun's. Most people know this.

  6. Well he did mention being connected to bill Clinton and Donald trump. Bill clinton known to run shit like a mob man he stays in the postion of power. Like Thomas Jefferson said " 3 people wont snitch if 2 of them are dead".

  7. Epstien was a neighbor of Trump's. He did NOT like him. Had him bodily thrown out of Mara Largo after his guest daughter was attacked by Epstien and bared him, his friend's, associate's both direct and indirect. Trump called the State Attorney's office to assist in any way he could to help the victim's of Epstien in Palm Beach. Was very angry about Epstien light sentence. I know. I have known the Trump Family for 38 year's. I knew when this happened.

  8. but this man bought the block next st. over, he took my mail from mr.g. ck for 19 m. he was on the intetmet and his pals were old and frumpy. the wild women bewigged and dumpy fat, maybr, elder and all smelled like gonorrea after animal lover, janet trash ek ponzini went epstein. he hid out for a day in clever, missouri at her hubby s place. i only saw one underage gal around the garage sale next door. jeffrey left me evetything becuz he owed me for fatal obcession. please return my 19 m check, jeff. 1 646 339 9607. yes I think that you were murdered. glj nixa

  9. I bet this investagation will exspose people from congress dirty ole men .this goverment is corrupt on both sides. And these women now had a choice then .and what did they do nothing to prevent it .now they want money .keep the info in the news start arresting politions dirty ole

  10. The fact theres a photo of a famous dead body been wheeled out of a hospital is for show only. Its like " look here's his body, what more proof do you need. " he's not dead. He's back on his island with Bill.

  11. Epstein probably had dirt on Trump, Trump must win to run out the clock on statute of limitations on his own "obstruction" troubles, Epstein's sexual relationships mirrors very much that of Trump's past behavior. Who knows what Trump did, with Epstein sending as a gift, and what might come out of the investigations, hello, remember Michael Cohen… I'm sure Trump learned his lessons pretty good there, I'm sure. So Trump now lets out this conspiracy theory about the Clinton's having something to do with Epstein's death?? really, or does this further indicate the fears of a guilty man, what Trump himself might be trying to hide. So sad, that we've allowed an American President to stoop so low, for so long. He's fighting for his own survival, i get it, but CANNOT be at the expense of the country or people. God knows what will happen to our election security now that he's forced out the #1, and #2 intelligence officer of the country. There's no limit to what this guy will do to save his own skin. Alarming we should all be, as Americans, Defcon ? …. 1

  12. Dear Editor,
    The Major Media's talking points on the Jeffrey Epstein "suicide" proves once again the CIA's labeling of anyone who does not buy into the official story is a nut job ,is still in play.
    Who are the nut jobs? All the people who put Epstein in the same cell with a 4 time alleged killer Nicholas Tartaglione, whose buddy Gerard Benderoth chose to kill himself rather than talking to the FBI! Nicholas was once suspended from a police department for perjury and now is facing a death sentence! A prime candidate for making a deal the justice system, much like Epstein. Face it! Everyone knew that Epstein was not going to make it to trial! This is a prime example of the really powerful flexing their muscles in our plain view!

  13. Thats why soooo many kids vanish without a trace. Epstien Was a isreali mossad agent, there Was a blackout ik new York and now this. No wonder these zionist monsters Was kicked out of 300 countries, when kids started to disappear.
    Is in there talmud, that is ok to rape Christian girls, because they dont see them as humans.
    u see when the zionist left Europe peace decented on it. now they moved to middleast and no peace have there been since they have occupied palestine. Israel is a phedophile heaven. Epstien, wienstien, Woody Allen, Alan derzowitz, roman polansky, jared fogle all zionist jews and supporter of Israel with Dual citizenship. But…. but…. the Holocaust .. the Holocaust remember the Holocaust.. maybe Hollywood should make another movie about the Holocaust so we dont forget…

  14. There is now talk that William Barr, made arrangements at the prison to have guards turn the cameras off and remove the inmate that was in the same cell as Epstein. Barr went to the prison to make sure nothing would come back to implicate Trump

  15. Fox News has disabled all comment about Epstein's death, on all their YouTube videos. What do they not want the people to say? What are they hiding? Maybe something like Trump had Bill Barr go to the Prison, and make arrangements to hide Trumps dirty secrets.

  16. Democrats linked to Epstein, Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, Clinton Foundation, Chuck Schumer n DNC Foundations, Nancy Pelosi, Christina Pelosi, DNC, and on and on and on… Epstein donated exclusively to Democrats in 1990's.

  17. What happened to the “Russian collusion” thing, leftist media? Democrats?? Two and a half years of lies and millions of dollars later, and it’s gone! Gee, I wonder why.

  18. Watching this shit pisses me off our government are political figures are all a bunch of child molesting pervert and no one gives a shit what they do because they're all Untouchable this proves it America is out of control the politics try to control we need to rise up against these dirty fuckers and put a stop to this.. this guy saying he took his own life that's a damn lie and everybody knows it they keep American citizens at each others throat through racism hate sexualism and they do all this to keep us from looking at the shit they do and we allow them to do it.

  19. I’ll bet Epstein gave a “file” to someone for safe keeping so that if anything were to happen to him they are to expose it. If that doesn’t happen soon then you know he’s still alive somewhere.

  20. The don had a fallin' out with him. A US Attorney gave him a slap on the wrist and swept it under the rug. No small feat there, so obviously some very well-connected clientele figured 'everybodies business ain't nobody's business.' Then he kills himself, in a setting designed specifically to prevent one from doing so, on his second attempt while screaming like a lil bi+h. Quack Quack

  21. ABC reporter say PRESIDENT shouldn't be floating conspiracy theories, just as NO ONE should do the same to PRESIDENT TRUMP, then immediately the network he works for floats an indirect CONSPIRACY about PRESIDENT TRUMP KNOWING and thinking EPSTEIN was a GREAT GUY who ENJOYED the COMPANY of YOUNG WOMEN.OH and ABC just didn't have enough time in the news story to let the people know that PRESIDENT TRUMP BARRED EPSTEIN from TRUMPS HOTELS and GOLF COURSES because he assaulted a young girl at PRESIDENT TRUMPS FLORIDA GOLF COURSE and RESORT. HIGH QUALITY JOURNALISM!

  22. History teaches that the wealthy class will always develop a taste for pedophilia, because their money & power protects their habit.

    History also teaches that those who expose the debauchery shall die, mysteriously, and the public interest in the story shall be derailed by a catastrophic evident[s] that seemingly happen by pure coincidence.

    So get ready, folks… ☠️

  23. Unfortunately, this monster is not dead; he is in federal protective custody as the DOJ makes their cases against others involved with him. The Clintons, Obamas, members of the Royal Family, and other elites around the world. These people not only trafficked, sexually abused, and tortured minor boys and girls, but they killed some of these minor children in ritualistic satanic ceremonies. LUKE 8:17 "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come to light." The Great Awakening is upon us. WWG1WGA ThankQ


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