Kyrie Irving at his best is the Celtics’ only hope against the Bucks – Stephen A. | First Take

Kyrie Irving at his best is the Celtics’ only hope against the Bucks – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate whether Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics or Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks is more valuable to their respective teams in their second-round 2019 NBA playoffs series.

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  1. SAS has been touting the Celtics all season as a far better title contender than Milwaukee. Now, you can see him tone it back a little bit because he's trying to stick to his guns but still save a little face if in fact the Bucks actually win. Just watch, after Milwaukee wins he'll say "I told you if you were betting that Milwaukee was the safer bet". Gutless

  2. Y’all keep saying “we saw what the Celtics did last year without Kyrie this and that” this is a different Milwaukee Bucks team and Giannis is a different player this season than from last season. The Celtics need Kyrie to beat this team. Celtics without Kyrie would not beat this year Bucks team. Teams loaded up this year than from last year playoffs and if you think the Celtics are better off without Kyrie then you’re delusional

  3. Celtics In 6. We have Kyrie and Hayward this year. Yeah Giannis is MVP caliber but even then , I don’t think he can take on a full Celtics team firing on all cylinders. See you soon Toronto


  5. All of a sudden the Greek Freak is the end all where was he last season last season the Celtics went to the finals with two key players goes to show you on any given day either team can win.

  6. Go home you bum and take kyrie with you….. Stats, stats, stats….. Boston win serious.. U kiddin me…
    What versions do you need to see that bucks are a team…. Celtics is 1player….
    For NBA this year Bucks team is the best for the Association..

  7. Celtic's will win this series 4-2. Bucks have one swing man in Middleton and he doesn't play defense. Celtic's have 3 wing men that wnt get much resistance from Middleton at all. Bucks Pg is very average, inconsistent and not that great of a defender. Eric had trouble with Rozier last year, so WHAT WILL HE DO WITH KYRIE AND ROZIER?? Bucks lost to a Celtic's team who play without kyrie and Hayward last year, so how could they possibly beat this years Celtic's team? The bucks coach runs a great system that will gain you several regular season wins, as he proved a few years ago with the Hawks team that had the best record in the east. However the system only takes you so far when you reach elite teams in the playoffs and this is were the bucks lose to the more talented team.

  8. Giannis is on the Celtics ass, let’s be real here, whose stopping him? Let alone contain him? Middleton, Bledsoe, Lopez and Mirotic all have enough playoff experience to play in this series and they perfectly fit around Giannis, not to mention Brogdon isn’t even playing yet. Lopez also makes things a million times easier for Giannis btw, sterling brown looks good,Connaughton is good, and ersan and George hill have that veteran experience. Bucks in 6

  9. The thing the Celtics don’t have that the bucks will kill them is that the Celtics don’t have a center and that’s why Philly has better chance of beating the bucks than the Celtics

  10. The series will be good but it’s not going to come down to Kari Irving yes he is the most important player but I see you guys like Terry Rozier and Marcus Morris making huge impacts in winning that series Terry Rozier shut down the bucks point guard last year.I see the series coming down to bench players and the Celtics have the better bench that’s a fact Celtics will win in six

  11. And please don’t talk about the season because season means nothing when it is the playoffs Celtics beat them last year without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward and now Gordon Hayward is looking like the old Gordon Hayward and Jaylen Brown is looking like last year playoff Jaylen Brown

  12. You guys understand Kyrie aye , man can score on anyone , Kyrie way way better in playoffs than giannes , how many playoff series has freak one compared to Kyrie . Case closed what’s next !

  13. Max makes the dumbest arguments, by his logic, why did lebron struggle last year against a Celtics without kyrie and Hayward when their best player was a damn rookie. Now he’s saying the Celtics had no competition against Indiana coz oladipo is out.

  14. Tired of all these analyst overlooking the Celtics, Giannis last year can't get oevr those young kids without KYRIE and HAYWARD, yeah they got better but those young Celtics are a year older now with Kyrie and Hayward. An upset on GM1 will change their narrative.

  15. Kyrie is almost god like imo. Kyrie is a true clutch player. Kyrie is so amazing. Darren till should never fight again Darren till is an embarrassment to the UFC. Darren is junk.

  16. This gonna be a good second round series of da post season
    Da bucks are playing like a championship levle with da League mvp and bledsoe having a career high in scoring and assist but my celtics are gonna compete and we have depth thru out da team lets go green team celtic nation we beat them last year in game 7 and we hope to do da same this year

  17. The Bucks were a 48 win 7th seed team last year when they lost to the 55 win Celtics team but this year the Bucks are the overall 1 seed 60 win team the Celtics are going to need kyrie to play that 2016 finals MVP level.

  18. Wtf is wrong with him.. by far the biggest hater of Giannis.. He picked Kyrie as more important?? CMON man unless you are paid to say these kind of nonsense just admit you are a hater or fkin racist cause he isnt american.. Are you nuts? Last year was the same celtics team without kyrie and gordon and still reached the finals.. Kyrie is a hell of a player but bucks without Giannis is doubtful if they even make the playoffs..

  19. "Easily Kyrie" is more important to the Celtics? "The Celtics can't do anything without Kyrie?" Didn't they just add an all-star to a team that made the Eastern Conference Finals without Kyrie last year? I love watching Stephen A. but he's an idiot. Giannis is much more dominant than Kyrie, and and also more of a wild card.

  20. The bottom line is the pacers success was because of defense and scrappy offense theirs a reason why they player just as well without oladipo 1-he only averaged 19 a game 2-the team success was more sytematic structure


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