Lakers vs. Clippers headlines NBA 2019-20 opening night schedule | The Jump

Lakers vs. Clippers headlines NBA 2019-20 opening night schedule | The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan and Grant Hill reveal the opening night and opening week schedules for the 2019-20 NBA season. Opening night features New Orleans Pelicans vs. Toronto Raptors, pitting Zion Williamson and Lonzo Ball against the defending champs, and Los Angeles Lakers vs. LA Clippers, with LeBron James and Anthony Davis taking on Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. The rest of opening week includes: Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets vs. Portland Trail Blazers, Milwaukee Bucks vs. Houston Rockets, LA Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors, Dallas Mavericks vs. New Orleans Pelicans, and Utah Jazz vs. Los Angeles Lakers.

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  1. LeBron better be angry and stop reminding us about Taco Tuesday. If LeBron doesn't win a ring in 2020, he will never another ring. Clippers will stomp on the Lakers five following seasons after that.

  2. I like how they said Lakers at Clippers as if the Clippers have any Merit or validity whatsoever in Staples Center There are 16 Championship banners and championship trophies in Staples Center hanging up in the rafters and in the office and not one of them says Los Angeles Clippers there are a number of retired jerseys hanging up in the rafters in Staples Center and they all are purple and gold what they really should have said is Lakers at Lakers Staples Center is our house!

  3. Just because Richard Jefferson and other media heads are saying that LeBron is angry doesn't mean the Clippers aren't angry either. They're just as motivated. That's our culture. We will fight back.

  4. Clippers won 2 road playoff games including a 31 pt comeback against a better team than these Lakers without a single All-Star. We ain't scared of "big brother." That's 23-5 vs them since 2012.

  5. Pray no one on the Clipper lineup gets injured on opening night game. Every time Lebron plays on opening night, the opposing team usually has its best player or one of its best players suffer a serious/ghastly injury.

  6. Hey everyone, I just posted my first NBA video and I'm a small YouTuber so I was hoping I could get some people to watch my video and comment some constructive criticism so I can make better content in the future. Thank you so much if you do

  7. I feel like the NBA fumbled the bag a bit here. The first time these teams should’ve met is Christmas Day so they’d get a chance to create chemistry and be at full strength. Clippers should be playing the Raptors so Kawhi could get his ring and the Lakers should’ve played NOLA

  8. Lebrons legacy is about to be tarnished the next few year's. He wont make the west finals in the next 2 seasons. Itll be houston vs clippers in the wcf and Sixers vs boston in the east finals

  9. I can already predict the NBA headlines after opening night.

    If the Lakers beat the Clippers: Kawhi and PG are overrated. Kawhi had a "lucky" season last year. LBJ is the the best player on the planet. The Lakers are making the Finals.

    If the Clippers beat the Lakers: Kawhi is the next Kobe Bryant. LBJ is done. The Lakers are missing the playoffs again.

    If Zion plays well: Zion is the greatest rookie of the last century. He's the next LeBron James.

    If Zion plays poorly or even slightly underperforms: Zion is a bust. All hype.

  10. Wow it's sad that because it's logical that the Celtics are gonna be fine without Horford and will do so that Horford might get written off as overrated for no reason whatsoever anything he brought offensively will simply be negated by the chemistry being infinitely better and although he brought something seriously extra on defense….if you honestly think that a Celtics team with Smart Brown Ojele Williams Theis Tatum and (hopefully back to maybe 80%) Hayward all under Brad Stevens (and with the assets to trade for a good defensive center) is not about to be at top 8 defense….if you HONESTLY THINK THAT……….my guy you need help P.S. Tacko Fall? 😉 Lol

  11. POR, UTAH, DEN, are not contenders, that's a joke. POR got swept in WCF by GSW without KD (with no bench, no depth), now GSW will be ready to play without KD, they will be even better when Klay is back. UTAH has been owned by HOU in recent years, i don't see those teams taking that big of a steps forward to contend. Unless LA teams really click, i trust only what i saw: HOU and GSW.


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