More than 140 dead in India floods – BBC News

More than 140 dead in India floods – BBC News

Monsoon flooding in southern and western India has led to more than 140 deaths, state officials say, with hundreds of thousands of people evacuated from their homes.
Nearly half the reported deaths have occurred in the south-western state of Kerala.

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  1. In India people live in villages which are scattered all over areas its not like China or USA where maximum people live in large cities that's why India gets affected by floods or natural calamities often

  2. The affected should be permanently shifted to safer places.
    For floods in Maharashtra Karnataka government is solely responsible. They did not discharge water immediately looking seriously at flood situation.

  3. KARMA

    the Hindu Party just before Eid throws under the bus the People of Kashmir wanting to Hurt the Muslim in Every Manner Mentally Physically Spiritually

    Destroying for the Muslim the Celebration of Eid

    KARMA does Balance All Things, the Poor of India taking a Beating when it comes Earned by Indias Upper Class, for Sure Karma awaits their Turn.

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